Avenues for Small Business Owners to Hunt for Angel Investors

Getting an angel investor to back one’s business is the dream of many entrepreneurs. This is however a rare species and only a few succeed in finding an angel investor. Luckily, advances in communication and the new spirit of innovation in technology and other industries have made it easier to hunt for an angel investor. This is a good way to obtain small loans for business.

Angel investors are like any other investor, and want to see attractive returns on their investment. Since they enter the investment cycle at the first or an early stage, their expectations and selection norms are rather flexible. Like other seasoned investors, they too exercise caution, do not put all of their money at one place, and look at a variety of factors before investing.

Before searching for an angel investor, entrepreneurs and owners should ready their business plan. They should focus on the things that would interest the investors, such as their business story, the ‘why’ behind their service or product or what real world problems are addressed.

The community is a good place to start one’s search. Early investors prefer to deal with ventures that are closely located. Local networks are thus a way to find out who could be invested in becoming an angel investor, including family and friends. 

Business accelerators are a promising place to find an angel investor, as this is where new ideas are nurtured. Angel investors look for innovative ideas or disruptors, and thus are likely to be found at business accelerator avenues.

An easy place to locate angel investors is an online platform where there can be found syndicates and groups of investors. There are also formal associations of angel investors that one can approach. Finally, references and good mentions can also lead to success in finding an angel investor.

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