Maryland’s top dental clinic ready to embrace innovations in dentistry

Maryland’s top dental clinic ready to embrace innovations in dentistry

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND – Sitting in the dentist’s chair will never be the same because the future of dentistry is already here.

Amazing new technological innovations like the virtual and augmented reality, the 3D-printing, and other revolutionized dentistry which is geared towards providing more comfort and more quality dental care for the millions of patients around the world.

Because of the new technological advancement, the future of dentistry is rapidly growing which mainly focuses on emphasizing the prevention which translates into fewer activities and lesser periodontal diseases as well as easier access to dental care and a quicker healing time for procedures.

Same as the other fields of medicine, the disruptive innovations created a big impact on the field of dentistry which is aimed to become a habit or a regular practice and also to teach the patients the proper way of dental care themselves in the future.

The Dental Center of Aspen Hill, who’s been in the field of dentistry for quite some time in Silver Spring, Maryland is also providing some innovative technological advancement in their dental services that covers cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and general dentistry making them as the best Dentist in Aspen Hill.

The most notable innovations in the industry that you can avail at the Dental Center of Aspen Hill were the Best dentist in Silver Spring is working, you should check the listed below.

Computer-assisted 3D-printing design – 3D printing is now widely used in many industries to provide the most accurate design and structure of an object, same as in the field of dentistry, it uses a computer-assisted design or CAD as well as computer-assisted manufacture (CAM). Using this technology, the dentists can easily make the crowns for the teeth using a 3D printer.

• Intra-oral camera – Probably one of the best inconveniences that a dentist can provide to his or her patient is the intra-oral camera where the dental mirror is installed with a camera to check any tooth decay, cracks, or any problems inside your mouth without getting too uncomfortable.

• Dental Regeneration – The latest development in dentistry for caries prevention. The bioactive replacements for this dentine are changing tremendously the way how the dentists battle tooth decay and also about other treatments. This development involves regenerative medicine using stem cell technology.

• CRISPR – This editing method renowned for its ground-breaking genome editing is the cure against cancer by identifying the causative genes in various oral pathologies. Through intensive research using this technology, genes are at fault with a specific disorder can find and provide a solution to revise the genetic structure of a genome preventing dreadful diseases from developing.

At Dental Center of Aspen Hill, expect that one of these technological innovations that are now being offered to everyone will soon make its way there because of the skills and compassion that is always being upheld by its doctors that are considered the most trusted in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Dental Center of Aspen Hill is composed of Dr. Cyrus Allafi DDS, Dr. Sara SabaDDS, Dr. Atoussa Halary, and Dr. Julian Gapud who specializes in the different branches of dentistry making them the most Dentist in Silver Spring.

For appointments and consultations, if you are looking for a Invisalign Dentist, you can freely call their number at 301-871-6660 or email them at [email protected]. You can visit their clinic located at Third Floor, SunTrust Bank Building, 13975 Connecticut Avenue Suite # 302.

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