2019 World Blockchain Developers Alliance Greater China Achievements Summit And API Community Alliance Founding Meeting Completed Successfully

Report from our correspondent, on July 28, 2019, “2019 World Blockchain Developers Alliance Greater China Achievements Summit and API Community Alliance Founding Meeting” were held in Chengdu, China. The meeting attracted the keen attention of experts, scholars and investors in the field of Blockchain inside and outside of China. The participants included independent digital economic experts; the director of the Organizing Committee of the World Data Forum of United Nations international development information organization; the director of China Academy of Management Science Blockchain Normative Development Center; and the consultant expert of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences Ms. Ling Jinting; Founder of Pulse Capital, Investor of IBC Think Tank and General Consultant of Skylink Capital, Mr. Wang Zhousi; Manager of Large Equity Investment Fund; Training Director of Domestic Well-known Financial Groups; Financial Training Expert of China Training and Research Institute; Special Commentator of Oriental Finance Channel; Guest host of First Financial Channel; Chairman of Shanghai Jingkai Asset Management Co., Ltd., Ms. Du Xiaojie; The first financial editor of Hunan Economic TV Station Website, who joined the Internet financial industry in 2014, has participated in more than 100 project investments, accumulated rich experience in investment and team operation, focused on Blockchain investment, head of Training Department of China Academy of Management Science Blockchain Normative Development Center Ms. Li Shuai, and so on. A keynote speech was made by Ms. Li Shuai at the meeting. API Community Alliance leaders also came to Chengdu from all over the world to attend the conference.

The meeting opened in the graceful singing of the hosts and warm applause of guests.  Before the official start of the meeting, Ms. Ling Jinting gave a speech and brought greetings from Mr. Yotokko Kilpatrick, President of API International Alliance and CEO of International API Factory. Mr. Yotokko Kilpatrick, in the past over 30 years, has been actively involved in many nonprofits fundraising and project organization, serving as a principal in a subordinate organization of United Nations, is committed to promoting the sustainable development of economy and the environment.

At present, he is the CEO of the International API Factory established by API Alliance, and is responsible for promoting the application and technical services of API projects in the United Nations, as well as the global promotion. Yotokko Kilpatrick’s greeting gave everyone a pleasant surprise. First, he apologizes for not being able to come on the scene, thanks for participants’ recognition and preaching of API technology and ideas, and says that the potential of China’s community is limitless. It will make great contributions to the development of world Blockchain, both in terms of consensus and in terms of big data construction. Finally, he wishes the conference complete successfully. The meeting officially began in Ms. Ling Jinting’s speech.

Enthusiastic live audience

Next, LONGBIT, BIKI principals Qiu Zhang and Ms. Tang Shi, as invited guests of this summit, made keynote speeches at the World Blockchain Developers Alliance Achievements Summit. Both sides are looking forward to the contribution and application of API in the Blockchain application. With a deeper understanding of the origin, development and Prospect of API, we are full of expectations for the huge social and economic value of API in promoting sustainable development of human beings. Representatives of the two exchanges also highly praised the presence of the communities come on the scene, and said that with such community building, API will have a proud performance in the digital assets industry.

Splendid Moments of Ms. Du Xiaojie Shares

Subsequently, Ms. Du xiaojie, a large equity investment fund manager and chairman of Shanghai Jingkai Asset Management Co., Ltd., was the first to share on the stage. Ms. DuShared with us from four aspects: the right time, the right place, the right people and the stack industry API. She deeply analyzes the formation of intelligent economy, the United Nations sustainable development plan, and the API developer alliance R&D stack boundary public chain. API stack community public chain is donated to the United Nations free of charge, the United Nations international development information organization world data conference is the highest authority and the general platform of stack community API, is also received sustained applause from all the audiences. In the sharing, Ms. Du also made a detailed and in-depth analysis and explanation of the three API ecosystems. We believe that all the audiences present have a new understanding of the API.

Splendid Moments of Mr. Wang Zhousi Shares

The next guest to share is Mr. Wang Zhousi, founder of Pulse Capital, investor of IBC think tank and general adviser of Skyline Capital. Mr. Wang Zhousi shared his years of experience in investing in the Blockchain with the present guests. We believe that all the participants benefited a lot. The first thing to be considered in the field of Blockchain investment is technology and strength, Technology is the strongest support for Blockchain project. In addition, the concept, ecology and application of the project are also indispensable factors. Undoubtedly, API stack is a high score in these aspects, and it will be the most anticipated Blockchain project in 2019, and it will be a force that cannot be underestimated in the future Blockchain field.

Splendid Moments of Ms. Ling Jinting Shares

After the sharing of investment logic by Mr. Wang Zhousi, Ms. Ling Jinting, the most important guest of the conference, made a grand appearance. Ms. Ling made a thorough study on the industrial development of urban economy, digital economy, cultural and financial blocks. Ms. Ling Jinting delivered a speech on the theme of “Leading the Intelligent Age, Building a Global Data Highway”. Mainly from the global pattern, the world economy big trend; The intelligent economy; Enterprise led data stack, data will quietly change the world; The global data mission, digital transformation and other aspects explain how ordinary investors should choose the investment direction under the general trend, how enterprises should overtake others in the Blockchain field, and how developers should exert their energy to find a good development platform and export. API as a Blockchain products platform built by Blockchain developers alliance for serving individuals and enterprises, as well as providing good output technology and Blockchain products for global developers, has been highly recognized by Ms. Ling.

Splendid Moments of Ms. Li Shuai Shares

The next appearance is Ms. Li Shuai, who is loved by everyone. Ms.Li Shuai has elaborated on the distribution mechanism and governance structure of the API stack, the API computing cloud governance structure, the consensus basis of the API computing cloud pool alliance, and the API computing cloud field alliance consensus basis, API calculation power cloud stack revenue interpretation and value consensus basis, power management consensus basis, API unique destruction mechanism interpretation, API unique destruction mechanism interpretation, secondary market supply and demand relationship interpretation, secondary market maintenance consensus basis and other aspects. Her sharing has been highly recognized by the on the spot audiences, which has established a good knowledge system and framework for the establishment of the community alliance.

Community representatives of 9 o’clock community, Tianfu community, West Point community, Win-win community, Miracle community

The last part of the meeting is the founding ceremony of the Community Alliance. This time, the representative communities are 9 o’clock community, Tianfu community, West Point community, Win-win community, Miracle community and so on. Delegates made brilliant speeches on API in-depth analysis, why I chose API, API secondary market prediction, and how to build API community consensus.

This conference has epoch-making significance for the global application popularization of Blockchain, and will also make great contribution to the promotion of stack API public chain in China. API as a Blockchain  products platform built by Blockchain  developers alliance for serving individuals and enterprises, as well as a platform providing good output technology and Blockchain products for global developers, will definitely take its place in the development wave of Blockchain. This conference will be a milestone of Blockchain application. It is hoped that in the near future, people all over the world can benefit from the Blockchain product supply platform built by API and have their own Blockchain products easily and simply.

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