AI Intelligently Leads the New Storm of Block Chain, Robot Global Users exceed 60,000

It is reported that the number of Robot Global Dapp users has exceeded 60,000 worldwide in less than half a month after it was officially launched and registered.

Robot Global is an encrypted digital currency purse using block chain technology and AI quantization technology, and also a decentralized encrypted digital currency service platform based on block chain technology. The platform links global digital currency users through decentralized block chain network, docks global transaction data through AI quantification technology, and constructs a convenient, fast and quantified transaction ecosystem.

Block chain and AI are the trend of the times. Robot Global, with the strong support of the former Amazon and Oracle technology team, deeply combines block chains and AI technology. While AI provides more powerful scene and data analysis capabilities for block chains, block chains technology can also provide AI with highly credible raw data to support it’s continuous “deep learning”.

In an interview with the media, Robot Global’s chief technology director once said, “Robot Global has always believed in the power of every user. Every user is the partner of Robot Global, and it is with the active participation of users that Robot Global grows rapidly.”

Robot Global is facing a vast economic blue sea. The ultimate goal is to cover the global market, to distribute Robot Global AI big data + business applications globally, to launch more DAPP applications, and to provide global users with safe and convenient services such as block chain asset storage, wealth management, payment liquidation. In the future, Robot Global will also plan to open the Robot Global Mine Project, and truly build a comprehensive digital asset management service platform that integrates the decentralized digital asset wallet, the decentralized digital asset trading platform, the AI intellectual financial management system and the global payment mining system.

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