Foodstiks, Eco-friendly Wood Cutleries to Beat Plastic Waste Endemic

There is some good news amid the horrid reports of plastic waste endemic that has been killing 100,000 marine creatures a year from plastic entanglement alone. Award-winning Florida based company, Foodstiks, has introduced its 100% sustainable wood cutlery to Indiegogo to effectively beat the alarming growth in plastic waste in landfills and oceans. The new-age wooden cutleries are 100% natural, 100% renewable, and 100% compostable.

Foodstiks has come up with a versatile range of wooden cutleries including, spoon, knife, fork and ice-cream spoon. These 100% renewable wooden cutleries are created as an answer to the growing plastic waste endemic in the US and all across the world.

“Around 60 billion pieces of disposable plastic cutlery is used in the US alone each year. These plastic products are used merely for a couple of minutes but take around 1,000 years to degrade. This way, 80% of plastics end up in oceans and landfills, posing serious life-threat to marine animals and seabirds. Plastic cutlery is handy but it is dangerous for the environment and the overall ecological balance. There are indeed a lot of people who are trying to get rid of plastic cutlery but are not getting a proper alternative. But no worries, Foodstiks’ sustainable wooden cutleries would take care of all these woes mentioned above and assure a more eco-friendly environment,” stated Ina Henderson, who co-founded Foodstiks with her husband, Jim.

It all started with the conscious and empathetic husband-wife duo getting concerned about the menacing effects of plastic waste around. They decided to change their habits of using plastic, and today they have successfully reduced using plastics at home and in their daily life. But, they realized to avoid plastic dump in the ocean, they have to find suitable alternatives to single-use plastic. 

Ina and Jim have been working with wood for long and are well aware of its versatility and sustainable quotient.  Thus, Foodstiks and the idea of green wooden disposable cutlery were born.

The company has even received the award of “The Best New Product” at the prestigious Florida Restaurant and Lodging event. 

“As our wooden cutleries are 100% natural, renewable, and compostable, when you will dispose of them, they will soon turn in a pile of fertile soil in just months. Our planet is in crisis, and it’s high-time (high time) we start discarding single-use plastic and begin adopting these eco-friendly materials in our daily life. At present, we are looking forward to expanding our production and reaching out to more people across the entire US. But such a massive production level demands robust financial backup and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to replace the harmful plastic cutleries with our wooden cutleries. It will also enable you to positively contribute to make the earth a greener and safer place to live in.”

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