Borderless Unbounded (BDS) – the Best Choice of 2019 Intelligent Cloud Mining

No mining machine can dig? in 2019, the new business of “mineless mining” is gradually getting attention, a form of mining profit known as “intelligent cloud mining.”

Recently, Borderless, a digital mining platform based on block chain technology PoS consensus mechanism, has attracted strong attention, especially the importance of intelligent cloud mining and the construction of token rights and interests in the industry, so that BDS has been hot in the domestic website forums, and major media are scrambling to report. At the same time, with the development of PoS consensus mechanism all over the world, the attention of BDS is rising.

In 2019, intelligent cloud mining, a business model based on PoS mining mechanism, was considered to be a commercial potential field in block chain industry.

The current 80 PoS or PoS-like projects have a total market capitalization of $145.3 billion. As the market changes in the future, the economic value of these 80 PoS or PoS-like projects will be inestimable because of the additional BDS awards issued to nodes or users each year.

If 10 BDS nodes are run, they will be more profitable than one listed company, according to a node service provider.

Borderless Unbounded (BDS) feedback Block chain Ecology

Following the emergence of these new PoS chains, it brings more imagination space to the unbounded (BDS) economy of Borderless: the threshold of nodes is decreasing, and the roles are more diversified, leaving more room for users to choose; The audience is also expanding, from individual moneholders to institutional investors, BDS is a kind of currency market regular financial management worth considering, or can complement with exchange regular wealth management products (such as a currency treasure), and Borderless unbounded (BDS) economy is feeding other industries in the blockchain in addition to raw coins. In addition, each PoS public The inflation incentives of the chain are also different. According to the statistics of 80 digital assets, the current PoS public chain equity awards range from 0.02 to 156.23%. If other influencing factors are excluded, the higher the proportion of inflation incentives, the higher the returns. With the development of Staking economy, there is no doubt that the business of fire nodes. The upper and lower reaches of the blockchain industrial chain are broken through the layout, and the node operators who focus on multiple PoS public chains are also beginning to come.

Borderless (Unbounded) is a decentralized multifunctional digital asset trading system. This means that it can evolve into a variety of different forms of Borderless assets (, BDS). Borderless for short operate in a similar way to Bitcoin), but some optimizations and new rules make Borderless more valuable. Users who hold BDS or derived assets at Borderless, for a certain period of time can obtain a certain proportion of dividend income. These dividends come from one of the mining incentives and transaction costs Part, will be rewarded to each block, and distributed in a manner that does not increase the burden on the network.

The difference between the Borderless and the past market is that his assets are at random, the nodes are diversified, the technology is more mature, the mining is simpler and the income is more stable.

Borderless (unbounded) application scenario, mining industry related ecosystem payment.

BDS will be used to pay for mining-related industrial materials, such as mining machine, mining electricity bill, calculation purchase and so on.

BDS game industry payment, through cooperation with game developers, the development of games belonging to BDS, games can support BDS payment.

BDS offline business consumption payment, through the docking with offline businesses, open payment links, daily consumption payment.

BDS block chain education payment

Borderless (Unbounded) clings to the forefront of the times, each time the layout is only for better brilliance. In this age of mature Internet and block chain, Borderless (Unbounded) will create a new round of wealth opportunities, convince more investors that Borderless (unbounded), let every investor in digital assets stand back at the top of wealth, Borderless (Unbounded) try to create 2019 dark horses, create unparalleled wealth myth.

Borderless (Unbounded) knows that innovation can drive development and innovation can have new brilliance.

Borderless (Unbounded) allows you to experience the explosion in intelligent cloud mining mode! If you have a dream, come to Borderless (Unbounded) to make your digital assets truly valuable!

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