Driven by Market Demand, UltrAlpha Introduces Professional Asset Management

Services to Digital Asset Space

UltrAlpha, a professional digital asset management service platform, announced the public sale of its native platform token (UAT) starting from August 12, 2019. With Han Liu, former VP at a $200B+ hedge fund giant as CEO, and Christina Jin, Co-founder of Ankr Network as CMO, UltrAlpha is designed to leverage the deep experience from both traditional finance and blockchain industries, and bring in a broad range of investment/ trading products as well as fund admin services to different participants in the digital asset management market.

1. Asset Management – Increasing Market Demand in Digital Asset Space

Asset management typically refers to the management of investments on behalf of others. Factoring into investors’ investment objectives, horizon and their risk tolerance, the process in principle is designed to optimize asset allocation and achieve investment value appreciation over certain period of time while mitigating risk.

With the global policy development and adoption of digital assets underway, more professional asset management institutions are entering the digital asset trading market with different trading and investment strategies. In the meantime, more investors are contemplating on how to deploy their capital into this new asset class . However, due to lack of formal broker dealer structure in the digital asset industry, potential investors have limited access to good digital asset financial products for their investment needs. For digital asset trading teams or investment firms, it is also challenging for them to identify and reach out to the right investors for fundraising. As a result, there is a strong market demand for professional digital asset management service platform to not only give the potential investors a list of quality products or strategies for their selection, but also effectively support fund raising and other fund admin services required by digital asset managers like trading teams and funds.

2. UltrAlpha (UAT) – Multi-service Platform Built upon Robust Infrastructure and Deep Understanding of Client Needs

Under current market conditions, digital asset exchanges are probably the most effective among all market participants to connect and serve both trading clients and investors. Built upon deep strategic collaboration with top tier digital asset trading platforms and brokers, UltrAplha is launching a professional investment management service platform aiming to provide potential investors with access to quality products based on their risk / return needs as well as trading teams and digital asset managers with a variety of fund admin services, including but not limited to account management, performance auditing, PL reporting, asset transfer, etc.

As a professional digital asset management service platform, the UltrAlpha team have made its core mission to build out a multi-service platform based on process efficiency, robust infrastructure, and deep understanding of client needs and goals.

UAT platform’s comprehensive service offering to trading / asset management teams:

– Work with all the professional asset management and trading teams to coordinate the launch of their investment / trading products.
– Seek to open up all those products to top-tier digital asset exchanges or trading platforms.
– A series of professional fund admin services , ranging from account management, performance audit to PL reporting as well as various other administrative support services per request.

UAT platform’s comprehensive service offering to fund investors:

– Conduct independent due diligence (“DD”) on asset management fund and share DD result per request.
– Provide wallet management service for each investment product to safeguard client asset. Conduct fund performance audit and PL reporting for each investment product.
– Investors can utilize and consume UAT token on the platform for any inquiry, transfer, redemption and other administrative operational services on adhoc basis.
– The activities of the UAT platform are of a supporting service nature, solely restricted to connecting trading teams/funds with their end customers, and shall not carry out any fund/securities management, financial advisory, investment, brokerage, deposit taking or banking activities.

3. Seasoned Team Building Unique Ecosystem with Innovative Token Economics

UltrAlpha’s core teams of technology and operations come from traditional finance, Internet and Blockchain industries with solid experience in quant modeling, infrastructure buildout and digital asset trading operations.

Computer science major from Carnegie Mellon University, Han Liu, CEO of UltrAlpha, has developed his successful career in traditional asset management industry from BlackRock to AQR Capital Management specializing in institutional application and platform development. Christina Jin, CMO of UltrAlpha, graduated from University of Auckland and New York University, with degree in Digital Marketing. Christina co-founded Ankr Network project and was nominated as the first CMO of Ankr project.

Furthermore, the UltrAlpha team has introduced the platform native utility token, UAT, and integrated into the platform ecosystem to facilitate payment and incentive programs for all the services between the participants on the UAT platform. Dr. George Cao, Co-founder & CEO of (, shared his expertise and provided critical strategic advice on the overall design of token economics and model. has been widely recognized by the industry for its very first introduction of the “Transaction-mining & Reverse-mining” mechanism, and has successfully established itself as the leading digital asset trading platform. Its highly reputable token economics has built-in incentive mechanisms, including reverse-mining and token consumption to balance the demand and supply and the design of Data Usage Reward Distribution Pool that supports longer-term token value. (Please note that and UltrAlpha are completely two separate businesses).


In summary, the launch of UltrAlpha is a promising indicator where digital asset industry is further building out the necessary market components to serve dynamic changing needs and support longer-term industry growth. Byconnecting potential investors with digital asset managers and providing value-added services over robust and transparent platform, UltrAlpha has clearly set a new standard for professional service provider in the expansion and development of this new digital asset management space.

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