Diamond Lighthouse launches a new website to “Sell My Diamond Online”

Diamond Lighthouse launches a new website to “Sell My Diamond Online”

Innovative online platform for diamond traders, Diamond Lighthouse, announces the launch of their new website for easier selling of diamonds

Diamond Lighthouse has again reiterated their goal of helping owners of diamonds get the best value for their precious stones with the launch of their new user-friendly website. The platform has been able to carve a niche for themselves in the industry by bringing a trusted, vetted network of diamond buyers that the general public simply does not have access to, consequently helping millions of people to sell their stones at the best rates possible.

Diamonds remain one of the most sought-after precious stones in the world with millions of buyers and sellers across the globe. According to a report released in December, 2018, the production of diamond increased by almost 20% compared to 2017, with revenues of mining companies growing by 2% overall. The increasing demand for diamond jewelry also led to midstream profitability remaining positive with margins of about 1% to 3% with sales of diamond jewelry globally growing by 2% in US dollar terms. Diamonds are bought are held for different reasons. However, one major challenge faced by millions of holders and intending sellers is the “undervaluing” of their stones when they are ready to sell. This is where Diamond Lighthouse has been able to change the narrative over the years.

Unlike other companies and platforms that require sellers to bring their price down, Diamond Lighthouse basically creates a platform that presents a somewhat exclusive, trusted, and vetted network of diamond buyers that are willing and able to pay the full, current value of the stones.

Described by many as the “#1 place to sell my diamond online,” Diamond Lighthouse has grown over the years to become the choice of millions of people worldwide, allowing them to convert their diamond for cash in less than 24 hours.

In addition to serving as a platform to connect sellers and buyers of diamonds, the BBB A+ Accredited Business also provides helpful tips and information on their website.

More information about Diamond Lighthouse and how to enjoy their amazing “Sell My Diamond Online” solution can be found on their website.

Diamond Lighthouse is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Diamond Lighthouse

Diamond Lighthouse is an online platform that connects sellers of diamonds with a long list of trusted diamond buyers that are willing and able to pay the full, current value of the stones. Having assisted a great deal of people with selling their diamonds already, the platform continues to enhance their process as they strive to get their clients the absolute best price for their diamonds in the most convenient and open environment possible.

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