TB Media Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign for the ‘And One’ Series

“I’m very excited about this project, as it is sparking a much-needed conversation on the importance of mentorship and community.” – Tamieka Briscoe, the show’s creator.

Los Angeles, CA – August 1, 2019 – TB Media has recently announced its crowdsourcing campaign for their upcoming series, ‘And One’. The pilot was written, directed, and produced by Tamieka Briscoe. In the upcoming project, Blake Howard makes his acting debut, starring as 30-year-old entrepreneur and bachelor, Tristan Young, alongside teen recording artist, Marvin “Marvo” Chong, who stars as 14-year-old Cameron Moore.

Tamieka Briscoe, the show’s creator said, “I’m very excited about this project, as it is sparking a much-needed conversation on the importance of mentorship and community. As a single mother, I remember feeling frustrated when I’d hear people say, ‘A woman can’t raise a man,’ because some of us have no choice. But as my son grew older, I slowly and stubbornly came to realize that despite my best efforts, there are ways I simply cannot relate to him, and sadly there were even limitations on some of the things I could teach him. It made me appreciate the positive role models he has in his life. ‘And One’ explores a scenario of a millennial bachelor, with no children of his own, stepping up to take in a teenager, to get him over the finish line in his last few years before adulthood. This is a timely and important message because every child deserves love and support, and sometimes biological parents aren’t able to provide it.”

There is no doubt that male role models make a significant impact on a child’s life. Having a father in a child’s life can go a long way toward contributing to his or her social, emotional, and academic development. The male role model doesn’t have to be the biological father for the child to benefit. He can be a family friend, a neighbor, stepdad, or another adult male.

TB Media’s upcoming series, ‘And One’, shines light on the impact of strong male leadership in the black community by using actors like Blake Howard, a real-life mentor, substitute teacher, and chess coach and Marvin ‘Marvo’ Chong, the brilliant actor and real-life son of the show’s creator, Tamieka Briscoe to vividly tell the story.  The story is hilarious and entertaining, while pushing a powerful positive narrative that rarely is seen in media portrayal of black men.

The ‘And One’ series needs support, but unlike most other crowdsourcing campaigns, they are not seeking money. They are seeking subcribers for their YouTube channel. With a message so powerful, and uplifting they are determined to premiere the show to a large audience, and will release the pilot and shoot new episodes once they have achieved their goal of 10,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

You can support them by spreading the word and subscribing to their channel here: www.youtube.com/c/andoneseries.

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