Cartsdom Released the First Oil Cartridge Storage Case – the Roulette

Cartsdom released its first storage and carry case designed for oil cartridges. Cartsdom, a team of oil cart lovers, aims to provide the perfect storage and protection solution for your oil cartridges. The Roulette was created with the on-the-go, design-conscious user in mind.

Cartsdom Roulette is an innovative case featuring a unique structure where it can store six 510-threaded cartridges ranging from .5ml to 1.0 ml. On the bottom, there’s an additional, single storage location for cartridge with a magnetic base, which offers a quick swap.

Keep Your Oil Cartridges Safe and Clean

Hemp-derived oil is sensitive to heat and sunlight. Storing your pre-filled oil cartridges in aluminum case keeps them away from sunlight and heat. For oil carts, keeping them away from sunlight and heat can prevent oil deterioration or chemical changes.

Fit With 510 Threaded Carts

With diameter of 11.5mm, it can hold most 510 threaded carts ranging from .5 to 1.0 ml. Most oil cartridges are compatible with the Roulette.

The built-in silicone plug on the lid looks like a hat, the brim of the “hat” makes it easy to remove the plug in seconds.

Easy to Use

Place the cartridges inside the designated spots and close. The Cartsdom Roulette case for oil carts uses a magnetic force to keep products secure. The case’s top has an easy access hole that allows users to slip a cartridge out without opening it. If you want to take out another, just spin to the next one and pour it out.

Anodized Aluminum with Minimalist Design Enjoy Safe travel

Whether you’re relaxing in the backyard, packing your oil cartridge for a summer camping trip, or commuting to work, the storage case keeps your products safe. The minimal design lets you slip it into any backpack, suitcase, and even a medium-sized purse subtly. If it falls out or prying eyes see the Cartsdom Roulette, the quiet design won’t alert anyone to what’s in the case, and the carts are safe after the accidental tumble.

Play Carts-roulette with Fun

For a bonus, the escape-hatch style opening is fun for playing  oil cartridge-roulette with different oil ratios and flavors or if you only have a few of the same carts and have no need to open the case. Enjoy the fun of playing with this oil cart-roulette.

The best tip to extend the life of your oil cartridge is to unscrew the cartridge from teh pen whenever it is not in use and put them in the Cartsdom Roulette. With Cartsdom Roulette, never misplace or break another oil cartridge again.

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