Revolutionary Facial Realignment Technology Developed In India

Revolutionary Facial Realignment Technology Developed In India

Mangaluru – August 2nd, 2019 – A revolutionary technology in the making especially for VFX and film industry, facial realignment technology uses advanced programming and sophisticated 3D rendering to provide a visual image of another person.

The facial realignment technology which brings a new dimension to the visual effects and film industry works on the principle of realigning and changing the facial features of one individual with that of the other person especially in the special effects industry. This technology has been developed by Mangaluru-based Duane Thomas D’Souza. The facial realignment technology took two years to develop and it has real time face realignment capability.

Duane Thomas D’Souza says, “The real inspiration behind this was taking into account the number of hours involved especially by visual effects artists take to mask an image in order to enhance it. While I made short films myself I realized how long it takes to make a visual imprint and how hard these people work and so began a two year journey of creating visual realignment. It was really hard at first as the images produced were not stable but persistence and dedication made me strive for excellence and I finally made a breakthrough and today I am proud to say I developed a new technology.

“I am a Mangalurean and proud of it I have a degree in Business Management from Milagres College and a diploma in computers specializing in Hardware and Networking from Manipal Institute of Computer Education. Computers have always fascinated me and with this technology I am hopeful there will be further enhancement of it and using graphics cards there will be an even more powerful version of this Technology. Currently, we are looking for active investors to invest in this technology so as to further accelerate this and make it possible to be used in the film and VFX industry,” he says.

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