Digital Marketer Bee, Leading Marketing Agency Shares Facebook Advertising Advice

New South Wales – Digital Marketer Bee, an Australia-based digital marketing agency in Albury is providing marketing solutions to companies by encouraging them to get into Facebook advertising.

To keep up with the fast-paced technological world, business owners these days are creating their own spaces in the internet. Companies have put up their own respective websites and social media accounts in different platforms.

This is an era where people are doing most of their business and transactions online. People stay connected through social media, most especially on Facebook. In response to the fast-changing business scene, Facebook introduced features that are favorable to businesses.

Entrepreneurs can now create Facebook pages for their brands and make use of Facebook advertising tools. Business owners who have made use of these features however do know that it must be used strategically. This is where Facebook advertising experts come in.

Digital Marketer Bee shares their thoughts on this concern, “One thing we all need to understand is that Facebook is no longer a place to market organically. No longer are you just ‘popping’ up on your ideal customers’ feed, by chance or even because they’ve signalled interest in what you offer. Facebook know that their user base is worth charging for, and now, they exclusively do.”

Digital Marketer Bee is an emerging expert for Facebook advertising. Bee Cuevas is the co-founder of Digital Marketer Bee and their resident authority in Facebook advertising.

Being an entrepreneur prior to Digital Marketer Bee, Cuevas was able to develop tried and tested strategies for Facebook marketing. Applying what she has learned from her businesses, she now provides digital marketing strategies for clients in Digital Marketer Bee.

According to their website, this is what they aim for their clients, “We’re not in the business of optimising your page to help your ideal customers find you … because they won’t. Instead, we’re in the business of getting you smack-bang in front of them, right when they need you. Even if they don’t know it yet.”

Digital Marketer Bee understands how algorithms in Facebook work and they apply a personalised marketing approach per client they work with. Their ultimate goal is to attract leads, increase brand awareness and generate profit.

They also provide free strategy calls to interested brands and they will ask about the sales process, and where business owners are in their business versus where they want to be. Digital Marketer Bee will then offer a free strategy plan with competitors analysis, website and social media assessment, tailored funnel map, lead magnet options and landing page ideas.

About the Company

Digital Marketer Bee is a digital marketing agency based in New South Wales and is co-founded by Bee Cuevas. Before Digital Marketer Bee, she has put up several businesses and dealt with Facebook marketing to promote her brand and this led her to be an expert on social media marketing.

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