Noted Influencer – Piotr Ryterski – Shares Tips on Landing Brand Collaborations

Noted Influencer - Piotr Ryterski - Shares Tips on  Landing Brand Collaborations
Influencers have insight and actionable information, and because of that they attract the eye of even major brands. In short: Influencers have power.

New York City, NY – Aug 2, 2019 – Influencers are the people others come to for advice. They have a genuine, loyal following because they add real value to their industries. Piotr Ryterski is one of those people.  At a young age, he knew what direction his life would take. He had a love for fashion, travel and photography and in promoting products that people love. 

Piotr is originally from Poland, where he was voted one of the best dressed Poles on the TVN Polish TV Station. He grew up in New York and his travels throughout 30+ countries gave him exposure to fashions and styles of many diverse cultures. His love of social media gave him the platform to gain a following of over 44,000 Fans. He has been able to leverage his social media presence into various partnerships with industry leaders, such as 1More Headphones, Enzo custom suits, Coach, Hilton Hotels, Members Only and Airinum. 

Piotr has been covered in articles such as in Lookastic’s What To Wear On The First Day Of Work?  Over the years, he has learned what it takes to become a successful Influencer. During a recent interview, Piotr made these comments, “I would like to give some Tips to people who would like to pursue the Influencer path. 

Join influencer platforms such as AspireIQ, Activate, Klear, Musefind. Companies and agencies often turn to such services to find the right influencer for a potential collaboration. There they are able to filter influencer category such as lifestyle, travel, health or fashion, number of followers, location and gender. Such services can easily put you on the map and let the brands know you’re interested in “collabs”. 

He goes on to say, “I recommend not messaging brands first. From a marketing standpoint this can indicate to a brand you’re not particularly successful and you’re desperately looking for partnerships. Instead let brands contact you. While not begging for partnerships, you can still make sure your favorite brand is aware of your existence. If it’s a brand you’d love to work with, follow them, like their content and engage. Perhaps you could even drop them a DM stating how much you appreciate what they’re doing. Flattery goes a long way.”

Piotr also suggests, “As your social media presence grows, you’ll want to start charging for your services. Establish set pricing that you’re going to be consistent with but remember to leave room for negotiations. Just because a brand is not willing to pay your exact rate, does not mean this is a lost case. Ask what rate they would be comfortable with instead. Flexibility and good negotiation skills are key. Often, payment plans, 50% now 50% later and other types of agreements can be established. Perhaps you can discount your rate if the company is willing to purchase more than one post. 

Piotr has learned from experience that, “It is best to be selective and partner only with brands and products you’re genuinely interested in and can talk about (even if the pay seems too good to pass this could harm you in the long run). You’ll often see influencers taking on projects strictly to collect a paycheck. This can be pretty transparent and may cost you your credibility. 

My basic rule of thumb is not going over 2-3 partnerships at a time. Often times complicated contracts can be involved. It may be difficult to navigate through rules and directions that vary greatly from contract to contract. You don’t want to get confused, overwhelmed and omit/skip a detail. You need to make sure you have enough time to follow directions exactly as specified and deliver the exact content that was requested of you – NO cutting corners. 

Another issue that can arise from having one too many partnerships at a time is specified posting dates that can cause your account to look like a one big ad. If company A requests posts on November 1 and 2, and company B requests posts on November 4 and 5 it leaves you little to no space to post your personal content. Your account will begin to look like one big ad.” 

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