Homebloc – Set Foot in Tokenization of Private Islands

Homebloc has officially built the strategic relationship with the Vlady Private Island Real Estate Company (Greater China Branch) on the Island Assets Digitalization (STO) cooperation project.

This project is to provide elite real estate and facilities investment opportunities for users with global investment intentions. Vladi Private Island, with 48-year history, is the world’s first private island real estate company, focusing on private island sales, leasing, development, and asset management. In this collaboration, the two sides will target tropical islands in the Bahamas, Vanuatu, and Panama regions of Latin America, not only because of their unique natural environment, pleasant climate, but also because the policies and regulations are extremely friendly to the blockchain industry.

Located in the Bahamas, Cave Cay is the largest private island in the region with 222 hectares. It offers private jet facilities, a small boutique resort, and a full range of resort amenities.

Targeting such islands, Homebloc will work with Vladimir Private Island Real Estate to establish a pioneering development and renovation plan for crowdfunding, and at the same time utilize STO business model to provide investors with the opportunity to purchase partial property rights. The ownership of  an island is a dream for many people.

This collaboration between Homebloc and Vlady Private Island Real Estate will enable more people to realize the island purchasing dream while also allowing investors to benefit from it, thus achieving multi-win result.

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