ZEFF: The leading whitening solution breaking records in the market!

Recently, the Hokkaido technology cosmeceutical brand ZEFF has become more and more popular in China. Its pioneering Japanese skin tone aesthetic has attracted hundreds of millions of women looking to obtain these results. ZEFF, the world’s first skin tone cream sold out immediately after it was released. In Japanese Amazon official website and the Japanese main pharmacy chains, sales are dramatically increasing due to its immediate whitening effect. 

Nowadays, workload is extensive with overtime, staying up late, working continuous shifts, etc and the problem of dark skin and dark spots is getting more serious. According to research, more women are concerned about pigmentation and even skin tone. Dr. ZEFF, together with Japan’s top research and development force, leads the fashion of light naked makeup in 10 seconds, and opens the era of whitening 2.0.This kind of skin condition is has become the hottest fashion label, sweeping Japanese model circles, becoming very popular.

Hokkaido research and development laboratory in Japan, has devoted 16 years to making a world-famous and traditional beauty cream. Inspired by the beauty of all things, ZEFF lab goes deep into Hokkaido, the only pure sacred land in Japan, to explore thousands of Japan’s most distinctive plants. After five years of thorough research, they found in Hokkaido’s yoshino cherry blossoms “flower of the youth” , it contains ten times higher extract than ordinary sakura cherry blossom, which already contains dozens of antioxidant factors. ZEFF also contains the DoubleMotion-double infiltration technique, Japan royal pearl powder and top mica essence. This mix has surpassed the clinical medical experiments of pure white brightening record, creating a whole new concept. The Japanese whitening, a new standard for those who love a whiter and brighter skin.

Compared to traditional creams, ZEFF skin brightening cream has been blended with other ingredients, such as, “white gold,” (Sym White377), Japanese cherry blossoms, fullerenes and upgrade 377 compound formula. This specific formulation has caught the attention of women around the world to look into a new beauty white skin tone.

ZEFF laboratory of Japan conducted market research on women from all over the world, and found that most women have one thing in common, that they juggle multiple roles from corporate to family, everyday activities lead to  a tired and dull skin. Reason why, ZEFF developed the world’s first skin-light whitening cream, perfectly combining a whitening-makeup effect. Even without makeup, after continuous usage ZEFF will help gradually make your skin whiter, and brighten up your complexion with a touch of concealer.

Japanese’s research and technology, such as the Japanese Hokkaido ZEFF has focus their efforts on women’s skin problems. Japanese YanYi aesthetics develops Japan’s most sophisticated black technology, in the areas of skincare and beauty,  through the power of effective ingredients, continuous skin lab testing, thorough skin test, research and development of innovative and high quality products. According to Japanese industry, ZEFF is a leading brand very close to its Japanese competitors SK2 and Shiseido .

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