The Bright Future of Block Chain Application – BBT

Block chain – an unexpected and disruptive technological revolution, is considered to be the next generation of disruptive core technology after steam engines, electricity, and the Internet. If we think steam engines release people’s productivity, electricity solving the basic needs of people’s lives, internet changed the way of information transmission. Then, block chain ,as a reliable machine ,will completely change the way of social value transmission.

Block has moved from concept to reality since it’s development so far. After entering the block chain 2.0, the concept of smart contract has been created. DAPP based on smart contract has begun to stand out and is familiar to everyone. Its transparency, autonomy, tamper-resistant, and the advantages of data validation and value transfer have made DAPP in various industries booming. As if DAPP development has become the most promising thing in the block chain field overnight. Based on this background, BBT came into being. The “smart contract with DAPP” is perfectly integrated, and is committed to creating a public chain that connects offline consumption and online ecology, making block chain technology truly enter the public.

BBT is the world’s first block chain application aiming to customer, connecting offline consumption and online ecology, enabling offline consumers to quickly integrate into the BBT online ecosystem to increase the added value of products and services, concentrating the core fans of the business, and find the value of customer consumption behavior. It aims to build economic society and a new rule system of integrity, value and order through online consensus mechanism and offline value circulation, characterizing by convenience, mobility and mutual trust, taking consumption value and circulation value as measure. In order to make the participating users have value whatever they use it, the BBT project team issued a low-cost, fast-selling token, BBT, and the number of it is fixed at a constant global total of 500 million. BBT will be fully used in transactions such as VS Card, MasterCard, automobile 4S shops and real estate to realize the seamless connection between digital currency and the physical world, enabling users’ digital currency to be applied to various transaction consumption scenarios and truly activating users’ digital assets.

The new technology of disruptive block chain will create new social economy, new industry, new business mode and new mode, which will have an unprecedented and even revolutionary impact on human production, life and even thinking. Now, the booming block chain market is undoubtedly the new trend that leads the development of the times. In the future, BBT will provide combined components with big data and artificial intelligence, allowing merchants to use one-click, freely assemble, and integrate various advanced technologies to make block chain technology truly enter people’s lives.

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