The Personal Injury Lawyers at Nehora Law Firm Represent Clients in California for Dog Bites and Construction Site Accidents

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Nehora Law Firm Represent Clients in California for Dog Bites and Construction Site Accidents

The personal injury lawyers at Nehora Law Firm represent clients in California for dog bites and construction site accidents.

With regards to a dog bite accident, the owner is responsible for the actions of their pet. In particular, dog owners, because if their dog bites a person, they can face civil suits. Dog owners facing possible civil lawsuits should consider consulting an experienced dog bite lawyer at Nehora Law.

On their website – it states that the attorneys specialize in dog bite injuries, and they can specify the applicable law for these cases.

However, it is not always the responsibility of the dog owner for their own dog’s actions. An example is if a dog bites a person and there is justifiable cause for the accident.

Instances such as if the victim was aware of the risk involved and that the dog has been previously known to bite and they decided to ignore the risk and take the chance. In that case, the owner might not be at fault.

For instance, provoking a dog, whether intentional or unintentional, means the dog can be expected to protect itself from harm. Thus, in this particular accident, the dog owner may not be at fault.

In other cases, the dog bites a victim that unintentionally provoked the dog, such as invading its personal space, food, or even stepping on its paw. The dog owner may not be at fault again due to the dog being provoked. The dog owner can still decide to take action to protect themselves and their dog from legal effects.

Also, there are precautions that dog owners can take such as using a muzzle on their dog in some instances, or by putting up warning signs or “beware of dog” signs outside your home. As well as locking the gate shows an effort to keep people out of danger. Therefore, the dog owner is protecting people from the chance of getting bit and an accident occurring.

With regards to construction site accidents, this industry is infamously known for its high rates of accidents involving workers of all sectors. These accidents can quickly occur from the result of work environments changing, especially the use of heavy equipment, machinery, and power tools, and severe site conditions that workers have to endure.

Construction workers are entitled to workers’ compensation in the event of an onsite accident. This will provide cover for medical bills and lost wages.

Many factors may result in an accident at a construction site, such as:

  • the unsafe use of equipment
  • defective equipment/machines
  • poor work methods
  • insufficient or inadequate training of workers
  • lack of safety measures
  • dangerous site conditions

These types of accidents can result in injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to burns to deaths caused in falls, explosions, electrocutions, and more. It will be site owners, engineers, or construction managers or the manufacturers of the equipment will be the ones held liable. understand that each case involving a construction accident is unique and must be reviewed by one of their experienced California construction accident attorneys to determine the responsibility and accountability of those involved.

Contact a California construction accident attorney if you have been seriously injured in a construction site accident or suffered a severe dog bite. The attorneys at Nehora will analyze your case to determine if you are eligible to file such a claim or lawsuit. You can find them online at


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