Exclusive Interview with Music Artist NICKARTH

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Chanele Langston from McCaffery Media Group sat down to interview UK’s rising star Nickarth. 

Nickarth is a dark mystical artist and producer who grew up in a generation of sex symbols and rock stars that paved the way for him. His favorite stars are Prince, MJ, Kurt Cobain, Led Zeppelin.

“Since my early days, my father introduced me and instantly got me hooked into these gritty sensual genres of music.  I remember watching those guys perform. The way they act, play, and evolve on the stage made me want to become an artist. I want to find a way to immerse and dedicate myself on this unfolding dream,” Nickarth told McCaffery Media.

Nickarth is forming his own alluring alt-noir world through his dark vibey-sensual videos. He has carefully crafted his social media channels, and aesthetically chosen & self-produced growing set of smoky, pulsing commercially pop jams.

I only care if you too dedicated?

‘I Only Care If You Too’ came together in a natural way. “It’s dark, sensual pop vibe, Drake type of stuff, that I recently was hooked and inspired by. Most likely, it’s a real-life story found in everyday relationships with people. This is the perfect soundtrack for destructive love affairs and questionable liaisons. I guess this one was special to me. The lyrics outline my last final thoughts about relationships. Ends up pretty bad.”

What are your future plans?

“Currently I’m working on my album which outlines and reveals me as an empathic person. Fans are going to see a different side of me.”

Anything else we should know about Nickarth?

I believe in struggle. I do spend most of my time in the studio and work at least 7 hours per day. I work for myself and for my Father & Sisters record label, world known as Cafe De Anatolia. Alternatively, I’m huge fan of sports and meeting new people. I hate watching TV and doing nothing. I’m a weirdo but a lovely one.”

Nickarth is an pop music artist to keep an eye on. His music is on Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Soundcloud, Amazon Music. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @Nickarth

Nickarth interview with McCaffery Media Group. Check out his music and website at Nickarth.com

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