2 companies continue to dictate the situation in Vietnam

Gia Thinh and Cho thue lao dong Binh Duong dominate activities across Vietnam with excellent roofing and labor supply solutions

It can be sometimes difficult to have a couple of companies from the same umbrella relatively dominate the affairs of a country. However, Vietnam seems to be enjoying from this rare privilege as two companies continue to help businesses and individuals in different parts of the country get the best possible experience when it comes to roofing and manpower.

Growing to become the largest labor supply and labor leasing company in Binh Duong today, the company has served businesses in and around the region for years. Cho thue lao dong Binh Duong currently has more than 150 customers across the region. The human resource company serves the Industrial Park in Binh Duong, bringing value to clients and helping them to achieve their organizational goals. Some of the supply industries in Binh Duong Industrial Zones served by Dich vu lao dong thoi dai are briefly highlighted as follows:

  • Supply and lease loading and unloading trades
  • Supply and lease for crane, excavator, lifting machine, etc., and other needs related to personnel issues.
  • Supply and hire labor for companies on SALES
  • Supplying and leasing trades like welders, electricians
  • Supply and lease way company on HOLD CAR
  • Supply and lease for companies on DELIVERY
  • Supplying and leasing common and seasonal labor for companies in Binh Duong Industrial Park
  • Supply and lease for PR staff
  • Supply and lease protection companies
  • Supply and lease for banks and finance companies
  • Supply and lease for companies, family restaurants, restaurants, hotels, resorts
  • Supply and lease for companies on demand

Gia Thinh is the other half of the duo that specializes in awning all over Binh Duong province, including 9 districts, towns, Thu Dau Mot City, branch with 3 main branches, and 1 factory in Thu Dau Mot, a modern workshop, and a team of experienced and well trained professionals. Mái hiên GT3A offers a wide range of roofing solutions using the latest technology and state-of-the-art environmentally friendly materials.

Car roofs, mobile awnings, roofs, domes, parasols, tents, and tarpaulins are some of the solutions offered by Mai Che Binh Duong with its long list of customers including Aeon Mall, Amway, Beer Sapporo, CocaCola, Honda, Big C, Deawoo, Metro, Lotteria, Nissan, FirstTeam, and Intel.

More information about these industry disruptors and the solutions they offer to make Vietnam a better place for businesses and individuals can be found on their website.

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