Empathy Meets Technology & IceBound HVAC & Refrigeration Is The Result

Empathy Meets Technology & IceBound HVAC & Refrigeration Is The Result

IceBound HVAC & Refrigeration President Tersh Blissett
IceBound HVAC & Refrigeration hosts kick off party for the local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society non-profit called Hero Fest. Hero Fest was designed to celebrate the heroes who are fighting blood cancer or who have already won that battle. They will also be highlighting those heroes that have served in the military, are law enforcement, and other local emergency rescuers.

By Zoey Thompson

POOLER, GA – According to the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, not only are the death rates for cancer continuing its 25-year decline but also the 5 year relative survival rate for blood cancers has quadrupled. More Americans are surviving cancer than ever before and IceBound HVAC & Refrigeration wants to highlight this amazing trend with their sponsorship of Hero Fest. Hero Fest will be held on September 7th, 2019 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm at Red Gate Farms in Savannah, Georgia. Company president Tersh Blissett is one of the more active business owners in his region, serving as President of the Small Business Chamber of Savannah. This event was designed to not only highlight the positive trends in cancer survival but give hope and recognition to those LEO and military veterans who have lived through warfare and violence and continue to fight as they battle an enemy more personal to them. 

“These are people who put their lives on the line for us, who give their all so that we can be safe,” says Tersh. “I want to be able to show them that they have more fight left in them and that their community supports their battle with cancer.”

This event is not the first time that IceBound HVAC has played an active role in promoting local events. Last May the company played an intricate role in the successful mission of Operation Empower Health of Greater Savannah, which provided over $4.5 million of no-cost healthcare to the local community in one week and is a yearly sponsor for Shop Small Savannah. Tersh knows how important small businesses are to the survival of a community and how important community is to small businesses.

“Our customers are not just ‘customers’ to us,” he explains. “They are our neighbors, our friends, and family members. Small businesses are the backbone of a community because when you buy from us that money stays in the community where it does some good. Buy from a chain and that money leaves. I have owned several businesses and am well aware of the impact that I can make on the people around me as well as how much their support means to me and mine.”

IceBound HVAC and his other businesses are all run using what he calls his C.A.R.E strategy of: Communication, Accountability, Recognition and Empowerment. The company’s work ethic and community outreach are all woven with these values and this is why Tersh is being recognized as “Greatest Boss” in South magazine’s May issue. 

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