Boyd’s Madison Avenue Offers Customers Classical Style and a Glamorous Look with their Line of Cosmetic Products

Boyd’s Madison Avenue has been the premier location for people wanting to add a little glamour into their look. With over 70 years in the cosmetic world, customers are assured that they are the expert when it comes to makeup.

Glamorous women have always relied on Boyd’s Madison Avenue for their classic and glamorous look. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it has seen its fair share of fashion trends come and go yet it still retains its core belief that women should always be put together and stylish without losing their individuality. Throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Boyd’s saw a fast rise in popularity with many women from around the world making their way to its doors hoping to find what they’ve all been looking for but couldn’t find, themselves. Today, it is independent women that make their way to Boyd’s. These women are self-assured and have a deep understanding of themselves. Their beauty not only comes from the appearance but from how they carry themselves and the way they see the world. Only Boyd’s can cater to these women because they’ve been working with them for years.

Boyd’s was known before as Boyd’s Chemists. Back then, it was the chemists that experimented with different ingredients to create beauty products for modern women. With the help of Carol Fader, vice president and co-creator of Boyd’s, she ushered in a new image for the company and began to rebrand it as a fashion house of culture and makeup. Boyd’s also helped revolutionized the cosmetic industry, transforming it into the billion-dollar industry that people know it today. Now with Marc Acker at the helm, the tradition of innovation and revolution that Boyd’s is known for has not faltered. He expanded the company to incorporate other leading brands in the cosmetic industry that all align to the core philosophy of Boyd’s, a classic style and glamorous look.

Besides their loyal customers, big brands have always put their trust in Boyd’s. They know they are in good hands with a company that has stood the test of time when all others barely made it past their 10 years. With the company’s transition to e-commerce, the partnership between the brands will only see more opportunities for growth for them. The online space is largely untapped by the cosmetic industry. With Boyd’s Madison Avenue making the transition to online, they are the pioneer in the makeup world, taking advantage of the niche market online.

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