The new effect of Feisou’s high proportion plant essential oil shampoo

The nutrients in natural plants are definitely endowed by nature, and when they are condensed into essential oils, they will play an amazing efficacy.

Vegetable essential oils are usually extracted from flowers, leaves, roots and seeds of herbal plants with balsamic glands by distillation and pressing, and the small molecules of the essential oil are easy to be absorbed by hair. The fragrance of plants can directly stimulate the secretion of pituitary gland, enzyme, hormone and so on, balance the function of human body and play an efficacy of beauty and skin care.

The effect of essential oils is related to many aspects. In the process of plant planting, changes in pesticide spraying, planting area, climate and environment will all have an impact on the effect of essential oils. It is only valuable to extract essential oils when the plants are most active. The cost of plant essential oil is very high, one kilogram of plant essential oil is often extracted from hundreds of kilograms of plants, so plant essential oil has always been known as liquid gold, adding which to shampoo is even luxury, but it indeed has unique and effective moisturizing power for scalp and hair.

Among many shampoos, the four amino acid shampoos of feisou are featured by adding high proportion of precious and high-quality plant essential oils, being sulfate-free and silicone-free with a pH value that is similar to human skin, caring the scalp and hair while cleaning them.

feisou lemon flavored shampoo that is made for people with oily hair has the strongest cleaning power among the four. It has been added the citrus limon essential oil and grapefruit peel oil to promote the secretion of hyaluronic acid and hydrate hair.

feisou orange flavored shampoo made for people with dry and damaged hair has high proportion of plant essential oils such as fresh citrus tangerine peel oil and jojoba seed oil, which are antioxidation and antimicrobial and have a good moisturizing effect.

The REFRESHING ANTI-DANDRUFF shampoo containing peppermint oil and the rosmarinus officinalis oil that have bacteriostatic and sterilizing effects can help people get rid of dandruff, relieve scalp itching and give people a cool feeling. Whats more, the nutritional wheat germ oil has been added to this shampoo to promote the metabolism of the scalp and moisturize it.

People will get a warm feeling when they use the HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo. Ginger root oil rich in gingerol promotes the activation of hair follicles. Tea tree leaf oil in this shampoo plays a role in sterilizing the scalp. Besides, macadamia ternifolia seed oil rich in minerals and protein can help delay the scalp aging and soften hair.

The shampoo containing plant essential oils with the special natural fragrance can give people a pleasant shampooing experience.

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