Starting anti-aging by caring the scalp with feisou shampoo

On the eternal issue of anti-aging, many people focus on facial skin care, while in scalp care they simply ensure cleanliness. They do not know the scalp is the earliest aging part of the body with the highest free radical content. It ages at 6 times the rate of facial skin. And the scalp is connected to the face, as the scalp begins to age and sag, so does the facial skin. Therefore, people are suggested to start anti-aging by caring their scalps.

How to care the scalp? People may start with the following three aspects.

Maintaining good life habits

The bad habits such as staying up late, eating greasy food, drinking and smoking are all health killers, which will make the scalp secrete more oil and flaky, and even lead to hair loss. Dying or perming hair (with alkaline tint and perm agent) frequently will also damage the scalp environment, which is weakly acidic. Therefore, people should develop good living habits such as building normal daily routine and eating regularly, avoid prolonged use of electronic devices and leave the scalp with a recovery period.

Shampooing in a right way

If you get used to scratching your scalp for cleaning it? Actually, it will damage your scalp easily, then bacteria from the nails will easily stay on the scratched scalp, and cause some scalp problems. People should wash their hair in a right way: wetting the hair with warm water and take proper amount of shampoo to hands and lather it up, then apply the foam to the scalp and massage with finger pulp, which can not only promote the blood circulation but also relax the scalp.

Using a good shampoo

People should select a good shampoo cause they almost use it everyday. The scalp is weakly acidic, and such an environment can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, keep the dynamic balance of the scalp, which is why people are suggested to use a mildly acidic shampoo.

feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING amino acid shampoo has a pH value of 5.5weakly acidic). It can mildly remove the dirt and grease from the scalp.

This shampoo adopts the warm ginger root oil that contains gingerol and zingerene to enhance the activity of hair follicles, and also adopts tea tree leaf oil and niacinamid to sterilize the scalp, preventing hair thinning and hair loss. Whats more, feisou HAIR ROOT STRENGTHENING shampoo contains the macadamia ternifolia seed oil that is rich in sterol and polyphenol can help promote the metabolism of the skin and slow down the aging process of skin.

Caring the scalp attentively and keeping it healthy, only by which can people postpone scalp aging.

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