EDSS breaks the technical bottleneck and carries out a technical revolution of the blockchain.

Parallel chains are much like bitcoin’s lightning network, but they are different from lightning networks: Users on the parallel chain will only add the data content of the main chain, they will not add the status content, so as to keep the main chain simple and stable. For parallel chains, we also like to call it a parallel public chain. From the perspective of a single parallel chain, it has its own micro-consensus and has a self-independent blockchain ecology. However, from the perspective of the entire system, it shares a consensus with the main chain. Therefore, from the entire blockchain network, it is a chain.

However, the underlying EDSS supports the different requirements of layered architecture and application development, performs big data analysis, and develops a unique modular design to meet the needs of different application scenarios in the future market. The selection and combination of modules can constitute different product.

Application of Visual Development Blockchain in DAPP

At present, the development threshold of blockchain is relatively high, and DAPP is generally developed by professional programmers.

Visual development blockchain DAPP application uses the advantages of visual programming operation to construct application program interface by using various controls provided by the software itself. There is no need to write too much code and too much professional grammar knowledge and API to achieve some functions and reduce the development cost and threshold. It can bring a good operation experience to those people who cannot program but are interested in programming.

Technical advantages of EDSS

EDSS blockchain platform adheres to the design principle of “independent innovation, safety, high efficiency and open sharing”. It has: High performance, high security, high-speed access, efficient operation, etc. EDSS has a wealth of high concurrent processing experience, paying for basic platforms and financial applications. The EDSS blockchain draws on the experience of high concurrency and distributed account management. It can support tens of thousands of processing per second through various model analysis and pressure measurement. Using efficient and self-adaptive consensus algorithm, the second-level confirmation transaction is implemented. Support a variety of data storage methods; The adaptive blockchain consensus algorithm provided is highly efficient in the case of good network conditions, no node failure or fraud. Moreover, the node failure or node fraud can be accurately detected. When a node failure or fraud is detected, the system automatically enables the Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm feature to ensure that the fault-tolerant node operates normally when the number of nodes is less than 1/3 of the total number of nodes; When all the bad nodes are repaired or the Byzantine fault-tolerant nodes are solved, all the node data can be completely consistent, and automatically go back to the efficient algorithm. Ensure the efficient concurrent processing of the alliance chain and accurately handle the problem of node errors.

EDSS application platform through the allocation of blockchain Token EDSS, the use of data empowerment to bridge the gap between the business model of user and enterprise development, to help users and enterprises to achieve benefit sharing, data appreciation, to build a new business ecological model of sharing symbiosis between enterprises and users. 

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