Announcing the Release of Self-Help Book ‘Before U Adult: What the Classroom Doesn’t Teach You’

A unique guide that helps young people successfully prepare for the transition to adulthood

Wayne, MI – Authors DeJuan Reeder and John Williams are pleased to announce the release of their self-help book Before U Adult: What the Classroom Doesn’t Teach You. Published by The One Reader LLC, the book helps young adults transition to adulthood by informing them about topics that include money, finding yourself, self-responsibility, relationships, and overcoming your fears.

Reeder and Williams are lifelong friends who both feel strongly that their generation was not properly prepared for adulthood.

“We were taught all the usual subjects, but we were pushed through the system without any practical preparation for what lies ahead,” says Reeder. “We knew nothing about the real skills that are needed to navigate life successfully. It comes as a shock to most of us, and for many it can end in disaster.”

Reeder and Williams managed to get their lives on track and become successful as individuals. Both established authors, they decided to share their stories in a single book in order to help young people achieve their own success in life.

“The advice we give in the book is tried and true, taken from the real-life success stories of entrepreneurs and business people everywhere,” adds Williams. “We didn’t reinvent the wheel, and there’s nothing here that’s never been said before, but it’s a tremendous resource for anyone just starting out.”

Before U Adult has been well received by critics and customers alike:

This is the type of stuff that needs to be taught in school, and it’s kind of scary that we live in a world that avoids simple necessity that can easily be taught to the youth.” – Tamara D.

“This book is the older sibling sit down that everyone needs to hear.” – Chantal K.

“Well written and easy to read, the authors provide solid solutions to common problems everyone faces in a relatable and inspiring way. Every young adult should have this book.” – Tiara K.

The One Reader is planning on publishing many more self-help books in the future. Available as an eBook or in paperback, Before U Adult: What the Classroom Doesn’t Teach You can be ordered on the website at

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