The World’s first VR Auto Show with Gala Evening

The world’s first VR Auto Show would be held by Autohome (One Chinese company listed on NYSE) in August along with “2019 Autohome 818 Global Car Night Gala” supported by Hunan Satellite TV (Most popular entertainment TV in China), was officially announced last week. The well-planned auto gala evening will be broadcast on time at 8:00 p.m. on August 18.

VR Auto Show

The Chen Xinyu Studio, a professional team of Hunan Satellite TV, together with the team which involved in the New Year’s Eve party of Hunan, undertakes the stage design of this evening, and is strongly supported by the world-renowned team which once held the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games and the world’s largest electronic music festival. With all their efforts, the evening that is comparable to the T-mall Double-Eleven Global Carnival Night is coming soon.

818 Gala Evening

The “2019 Autohome 818 Global Car Night Gala” is said to invite 15 A-list stars to be on stage with classic models with over 130 years of history. During the live broadcast of the evening, the audience both inside and outside the venue can also play a variety of online interactive games, snatch online cash gifts, and get gift packs for purchase of cars.

The “818 Global Car Night Gala”, which is set on August 18, not only brings together the top stars but also convenes excellent behind-the-scenes teams consisted of top talents both from home and abroad.

It is reported that this evening will be directed by Chen Xinyu Studio of Hunan Satellite TV, which has launched multiple famous variety shows like Dear Inn and My Little series and produced various New Year’s Eve parties. The cooperation between the two this time has attracted attention from all walks of life.

In addition, the team that undertakes stage design for this evening is also an industry leader. Joined by the creative leading British stage director Jim, who has organized the closing ceremony of 2012 London Olympic Games and the world’s largest electronic music festival, the international lighting designer Tom who designed stage lights for superstars like Beyonce and Rihanna, stage designer Heather, and the famous stage visual design DNT team, the evening gala is bound to create a feast of light and shadow for automobile fans.

Featuring an excellent combination of the entertainment spirit of variety show with the hard-core connotation of automobiles, in the evening, Autohome and the Museum of Vintage Cars will display the “130-year history of automobile development” on the stage. The first world-recognized car, Mercedes-Benz 1, Elvis Presley’s rocket-propelled Cadillac Erdogrado and China’s first premium car, Hong Qi CA72, will all come on stage to interact with the stars, providing the audience with an extraordinary opportunity to have a glimpse of them. The sense of age gives the real connotation of automobile culture to the gala evening, which will present a unique large-scale exhibition of classic cars.

The celebrities at the party will be as much to be expected as the cars. Unlike other parties, guests at the “2019 Autohome 818 Global Car Night Gala” will have the chance to drive vintage cars on the spot aside from performing. With a number of game settings and the interaction between celebrities and car enthusiasts, this gala aims to build a bridge between car and TV industries and car enthusiasts and stars. It’ll also integrate industry and entertainment, and translate ideas into actions, becoming the world’s first car and variety show gala.

If you want to support your favorite stars in a close distance and experience the exciting atmosphere of the car night gala ahead of its official opening, you can visit Autohome website from July 29 to August 11 to participate in the “Fans Support” activity and win a ticket to the party. Buildings in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Changsha, and other four landmarks will be lit from August 11 to August 17, a leg-up to adding cheerful atmosphere to the event.

In addition to the 130-year history of automobile development”, the gala will offer great benefits for auto enthusiasts. The Autohome will join hands with Volvo, Dongfeng Honda, Geely, Dongfeng Fengxing to release a new car show at the party and give 100 new car rights. At the same time, Lincoln, FAW HongQi, SAIC Roewe will also present exciting interactive activities.

While watching the show, participants can join in the “shake” activity to share the million yuan cash bonus by entering the Autohome app under the host’s instructions. At the same time, the host and the guests will form an orange and blue two teams to compete on the same stage. The audience can bet on the results of the game through the app, and the lucky users of the winning party will have the chance to win the big gift, including the right to use hundreds of cars and the luxury gifts.

Autohome said, “818 Global Car Night Gala” offers various ways to play, which will not only enhance the interactions between the party and the audience, but also attract more attention for the brand, open up new marketing channels for the auto industry, and provide a variety of ideas for the auto e-commerce model. Going forward, the Automobile will explore more cooperation with car manufacturers to tap the potential of the auto market and inject new impetus into the industry to boost confidence.

It is reported that the 818 Gala is the highlight of the world’s first online super auto show – “818 Global Super Auto Show”. Supported by the Automobile Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), this auto show strives to create the auto industry’s version of “Double Eleventh”, which not only focuses on the marketing. In addition to the party ceremonies, the auto show has also formed a matrix communication, in which station and internet interactions and online-offline activities can be found. These actives like Industry-Consumer Summits, Auto Owners’ Day, and Fans’ Festival can give a strong boost to partnerships between car makers and dealers. The “818 Global Super Auto Show” has attracted great attention from all parties since its exposure, and is bound to become the most influential event in the automotive circle in 2019, putting auto industry on a firmer footing for gaining its unique IP.

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