The new generation of digital asset trading platform M0EX.COM, traditional financial institutions have entered the layout

The cryptocurrency market began its bull run in 2019, with the price of bitcoin hitting a new high for the year from more than $3,000 to a high of $14,000 in June.

The start of the bull market is thought to have been triggered by the arrival of traditional financial institutions. Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York stock Exchange, plans to launch its Bakkt platform in 2019 in partnership with Microsoft and starbucks to make digital assets more freely flowing, trustworthy and accessible. Stock exchanges Nasdaq and Boerse Stuttgart, Germany’s second-largest bourse, are also about to offer cryptocurrency-related products and trading platforms.

Separately, Fidelity Investments, a boston-based multinational investment services firm, announced plans to launch digital-asset-centric subsidiaries for its more than 13,000 institutional clients. The announcement will also affect the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Another factor attracting institutional and other investors to the cryptocurrency market is exchange traded funds (ETF), which will bring huge users to this emerging market.

M0EX.COM team members mostly from the traditional financial sector, they began to notice since 2016 cryptocurrency this emerging market, has a wealth of corpotate finance, valuation and technical experience, they realize cryptocurrency market will usher in a outbreak in 2019, and a low profile layout to set up the new generation digital assets trading platform M0EX.COM, M0 is an economic concept, refers to cash in circulation, the different units outside the banking system of cash on hand and cash in the cash sum of the residents.

Different from other traditional digital asset trading platforms, this exchange team has rich experience in traditional financial field. They will make full use of this resource advantage and combine blockchain technology and digital asset development with traditional finance.

We can see that cryptocurrency is in transition, governments adopted gradually development vision to re-examine cryptocurrency this “new species”, he’s not just ordinary investors attention, also began to become the large investment institutions and funds “prey”, become cannot be ignored in the process of asset allocation:

• Morgan Stanley says institutional investment will rise and cryptocurrency is a new asset class

• Goldman sachs sees increased customer interest in cryptocurrency hosting services

• State Street, the world’s largest custodian, says its customers have “high interest” in cryptocurrency regulation

• Swiss bitcoin ETP turnover hit a record high as institutional investors took advantage of the low prices

• nasdaq communications vice President confirms that bitcoin futures will go public in the future

In the future, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be as normal and pervasive as the Internet we use today, and will be a big part of our lives.

As a new generation of digital asset trading platform, M0EX.COM will surely create value continuously in such a big era and bring rich benefits to investors!

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