Safe Production Month of NHU: Safe Production is in mind

The chemical industry is problem-prone. Every link in the storage and operation of chemicals should be treated carefully, otherwise there may be severe leaks. Besides, human factors are the most important potential safety hazards in chemical production. Whether the design of production process is scientific and reasonable, whether the equipment installation is up to the standard or not, and whether regular maintenance is in progress are all important factors to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent accidents, which are directly related to the safety of production of enterprises.

For quite a long time, safe production is often in a neglected position in enterprise transformation. Due to the low-tech equipment and easy access to industry, the phenomenon of “small, scattered and disordered” in China’s chemical industry is extremely prominent. In recent years, large-scale explosions and fires have emerged in endlessly, which not only caused huge economic losses, but also immeasurable threats to the personal safety of the people. This sounds an alarm for the whole industry.

June of 2019 is the 18th “Safe Production Month” in China. The theme this year is “Preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and curbing accidents”, which is consistent with solving existing problems in the chemical industry. Correspondingly, its goal is to firmly establish the concept of safety development, to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and to effectively curb production safety accidents, which is similar to NHU’s concept and goal of safety production. NHU has been actively responding to the call of national security, adhering to the safety concept of “safety first”, implementing the safety production policy in production, and practice it in the management system.

NHU has not only imprinted safety in the company culture, but practiced safety in all aspects of production and transaction. Institutionally, NHU has compiled a series of rules and regulations, including the “Safety Production Responsibility System”, to ensure that safety responsibilities are vertical to the end, horizontal to the side, adhere to the principle of “who is in charge of, who is responsible” and “one post having two responsibilities”, and formulate safety responsibilities for each post and implement them at different levels. In production, the company continues to invest huge amounts of capital, pursuing the production process of tightness, automation, continuity, improve the level of safety.

In response to the Safety Production Month of 2019, NHU continued the influential characteristics of the Safety Month of 2018. It’s the online emergency and safety knowledge contest, which was launched on June 3-12. Actually, NHUers has always been the leader in such kind of Safety Knowledge Competition. On January 11 this year, Shandong NHU team won the championship in the national hazardous chemical safety knowledge competition. While showing that NHU pays attention to safety, attaches importance to safety and ensures safety, Shandong NHU team also set an example for every member in the field of safety production. Online knowledge contest, in the form of interesting activities, is committed to increasing the reserve of employees’ emergency and safety knowledge in the game, consolidating employees’ original safety production knowledge, and strengthening their attention to safety issues.

Environmental protection is also the top priority of chemical enterprises. NHU has made great achievements in environmental protection as well. Based on the concept of “green development”, the company actively introduces green chemistry and develops green technology, pays attention to source reduction, and carries out technical research, promotes waste utilization, realizes end treatment and harmonious development.

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