Leaa Health is now introducing Hangover IV Drip from the comfort of home

Leaa Health is now introducing Hangover IV Drip from the comfort of home
Leading full service health care provider, Leaa, looking to disrupt the medical industry with innovative IV blends

Leaa is an innovative health care service provider that is poised with changing the medical industry, particularly as it looks to help people get over a hangover with its unique IV blends. The brand is particularly unique as it is introducing an Uber-like service into the medical field, with a team of NYC Licensed Physicians coming to the doorstep of each patient to offer a relatively more cost-effective medical solution.

The health care industry has evolved over the years as different stakeholders look to introduce their products and solutions to meet the needs of patients. Unfortunately, many of the available medical solutions have not been able to meet the needs of consumers worldwide in terms of affordability and efficiency. This is where Leaa is looking to make a huge difference in the industry with its wide range of innovative health plans, with the very popular one being the IV Therapy.

The IV Therapy allows patients to enjoy the exclusive IV blends, which are delivered to the doorstep of every patient and are available for as low as $99 per visit, a service that is way more cost-effective than the regular insurance plans. It gets even better for subscribers to Leaa’s plans as they get the visits as well as the meds without having to pay a dime.

The Home IV Drip, the R blend that contains all the essential B-vitamins, the LEAA DX blend, which is the Hangover IV formulated to help detoxify the system from the harmful substances ingested on a daily basis, and The Special M blend of different minerals.

Other solutions from the brand are the Myers Cocktail Blend, AI Blend, the popular Moon Face Blend, and the Vitamin D Booster.

The full service healthcare provider is also leveraging the power of technology to prescribe medication via Video call. This ensures the fast and effective delivery of medical solutions, a feature that insurance doctors cannot provide.

Leaa is present in different parts of New York City with offices in Brooklyn, Long Island, Bronx, Queens, and a host of areas.

More information about Leaa and the amazing solutions offered by the company can be found on the Leaa website.

About Leaa

Leaa is a lifestyle brand that changes the game of the medical industry. Founded by Eli Ofel, Leaa is the typical illustration of a dream turn reality. The company offers urgent health care services to the residents of New York, with a Uber-like medical service that have licensed physicians visit their patients at homes or offices.

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