Student breaks boundaries in Film and Entertainment Industry by Salma Eliela

Student breaks boundaries in Film and Entertainment Industry by Salma Eliela

UNITED STATES – AUGUST 5, 2019 – With only 16 years past his birth, Aidan Callanan has become an example of what can be achieved when creativity intertwines with hard work. Networking with brilliant minds from all over the globe, the teenager has constructed the group HDSCreative in which just about everything and anything crystallizes. Comedy live shows, horror films, political documentaries, broadcasts, music production, set designing … if you can think it, Callanan is probably working on it as we speak.

Aidan and his crew, which is currently composed of over fifty people from far and wide around the world, have been able to do what many have dreamt of but very few have been able to accomplish: diversification. 2019, for instance, saw the beginning of the production of massive projects like The World in Four Minutes –  a mini news broadcast that the audience will be able to embrace later this year – The Plague, a horror film which will be released in a couple of years, and Just a Blue Box, which is a political documentary predicted to bloom in 2025. In addition, there was a continuation of audience-known triumphs such as the live comedy series It’s Time to Talk with Tony Thompson. Beyond creating film and television content for themselves, HDSCreative also provides services such as music production, drones, photography, lighting/set design … and that is to mention just a few of the ventures the cinematographer currently has a monopoly of.

With one brilliant idea after the other, Aidan perseveres in pushing all boundaries of creativity, building a massive powerhouse of entertainment in the successfully efficient manner that he is admired for. Many say that the sky’s the limit but for Aidan Callanan, there seems to be no ceiling at all.

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