Token for Catering Brands: Bet on the Future of the Catering Industry and Bring About a New Catering Revolution.

EATMAIN intends to break the mold and create a new world for the catering industry.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “Food is what matters most to people.” The most basic demands are for food, clothing, housing and transportation. If the average consumers can be involved in their production processes, there will be explosive vertical industry growth. That is, the vertical industry has great, unexplored potential for development — anyone who can grasp the vertical industry opportunities for development in this digital world deserves a seat at the table.

EATMAIN from China is a technology company that empowers catering enterprises with a blockchain token, and it aims at listed companies with good reputations for their intangible assets. EATMAIN serves potential catering enterprises for the realization and liquidity of intangible brand assets, and it also seeks to increase the flow of funds and customers, thereby raising the market competitiveness of catering enterprises.

Previously, consumers were not involved in the production of material products. Consumers of intangible assets, however, are both consumers and producers. A song, an article, a brand and the like are all intangible assets. For example, for catering brands, our sales, impressions and communications constitute our brands, and this fully conforms to the basic logic of “consumers are producers.”

In a vertical industry, however, the brand value of catering brands in this potential trillion-level super track for catering is undoubtedly intangible assets. EATMAIN is the leader of this super track.

EATMAIN is the world’s first token-based financial platform for the assets of catering brands, as it is introducing digital currency to the catering industry for foodies around the world.

As the most basic export on the entire platform system, the catering industry will attach multiple factors such as value, equity, dividends and participation qualifications to its own brand value (its assets for brand reputation in the stock market) through issuing tokens. Tokens will be delivered to foodies for sticking to certain brands when dining at restaurants or purchasing vouchers. Foodies therefore can obtain brand premiums through token and food exchange when eating, thus enjoying the benefits of their rights along with the growth of brands.

And the place that can realize this idea is called the Foodie Exchange. The Foodie Exchange is a platform tasked with brand equity flow and exchange, vertical to the entire catering industry. Through the development of the catering entity, the industry economy will be driven by way of enabling an entity industry. Once the brand assets of catering enterprises are on the Foodie Exchange, they will have general liquidity. In addition, brand assets that could not be realized and used before will officially become assets that can be used and exchanged. Users can exchange brand equity freely at the Foodie Exchange. Users who pay attention to high short-term profits can profit via exchange in the Foodie Exchange, while users who pay attention to long-term value can obtain and hold brand equity from their favorite brands.

Unlike common exchanges, the Foodie Exchange is a digital asset exchange where BTC, ETH and other tokens are not available. Only USDT is used in the exchange, and only the EAT token will be used as the platform’s standard currency, with BTs (Brand Tokens) issued by various catering brands circulating in the Foodie Exchange as well. The catering industry, as a portal for high frequency payments, will push EAT to become “the bitcoin of the catering industry.”

The arrival of the digital age is a new opportunity for the catering industry.

Hong Qigong is a character in the novel of the famous Chinese novelist Jin Yong. Being chivalrous and naturally gluttonous, Hong Qigong has a personality that perfectly matches the image of a foodie. In reality, there is also a Hong Qigong in China who is also a “chivalrous foodie,” and he is the founder of the Chinese enterprise EATMAIN.

“The total market value of bitcoin today is only more than one trillion yuan, but only the catering industry in China has a market value of 4.3 trillion yuan. If the average intangible assets of brands on GEM account for 21%, only the intangible assets of catering brands in China will account for more than one trillion yuan in 2019. The scale of the global catering industry is up to 20 trillion, and the total amount of brand intangible assets is as high as 4 to 5 trillion. This is truly a huge number. Hong Qigong is confident about the journey he is embarking on: “In the future, paying with the digital currency of the catering industry is bound to become the most frequently used method for high-frequency payments when dining. EAT, as the platform’s standard currency, will therefore hopefully compete as a standard currency of the digital world. This is a great thing and is bound to produce considerable wealth.”

EATMAIN has huge upside potential and is about to sweep the world. If you are interested, please contact them.

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