Beverly Hills Attorney Michael Cohen Quoted In New York Times Genericized Trademark Story

Beverly Hills Attorney Michael Cohen Quoted In New York Times Genericized Trademark Story

Beverly Hills, CA – Cohen IP Law Group are delighted to announce that their owner and founder, Michael Cohen, was recently quoted in an article published in the New York Times. The article was discussing Genericized Trademarks, and the ironic situation of how the owners of a market-leading product can actually lose the trademark to their name, due to the success of their product.  

Perhaps the most obvious case is that of aspirin. Aspirin was owned by the Bayer company, who lost the right to their trademark of the term aspirin, following a court case in 1921. In essence if  a brand name is understood by the public to refer broadly to a category of goods and services rather than a brand’s specific good or service, a company may be at risk of losing its trademark.  

Trademark Attorney Michael Cohen, was invited to comment on the story in the New York Times, due to his knowledge and experience within the industry. In the article he is quoted as saying “Over time, a brand can be so famous and so ubiquitous that people associate that with the action.” 

He then continues to explain that “When something becomes so pervasive in everyday society as a result of its own fame, there’s an argument that it no longer represents the brand, it almost represents the action, So as a result of that, in trademark law, you cannot trademark things that are descriptive or generic in nature.” 

“It was a great honor to be invited to comment on an article for the New York Times, at a time where patent law is becoming ever more critical in business,” said Michael Cohen of Cohen IP Law Group. “As a cannabis patent attorney, the volume of work is growing exponentially but this also applies to many other facets of patent law. I hope to get more involved with the New York Times in the future, as in my opinion it is essential that we inform and educate as many people as possible about patent law and how it can affect them personally or their company.” 

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