NHU attended the 19th CPhI China exhibition

The 19th CPhI China exhibition was held on June 18-20 this year and NHU attended the exhibition again with its all products such as vitamin A series.

CPhI is a good platform for enterprises to attract customers at home and abroad. It has a great appeal of the brand and it’s also a good way to be further exposed to the international markets. This year is the first year that the exhibition’s total size of presentation overs 20000 square meters and more than 3200 enterprises were at exhibition where over 100 conferences were held.

NHU’s high-quality products

Since founded, NHU has insisted to innovate and produce high-quality products throughout the process of its growth. The company produces vitamin D series, vitamin E series, carotenoid, DL-Methionine and so on.

Take the new formulation of VA for example, NHU adopts starch to develop a new formulation of VA as a kind of embedding materials on the basis of ensuring the safety of animal-derived gelatin that might bring some risks like ASF which may be caused by pig gelatin. The innovation on the new formulation can serve the emerging market of Islam an alternative solution which can also provide NHU with a better development while giving its clients a choice on guarding against the risk of ASF.

Besides the new formulation of VA, NHU has other various products of top quality like linalool, D-biotin, etc. All of these products were displayed and introduced at the 19th CPhI China exhibition where clients on the scene had a deeper understanding of NHU and its products.

Seize the chance to create more value

Every exhibition is a chance for NHU to introduce itself and promote its products. Meanwhile, NHU can seize the chance to meet more clients and form more partnerships with them so that NHU can bring more value for them while making the company grow better.

At the 18th CPhIChina exhibition, NHU comprehensively introduced its products and the vice-president of marketing of NHU communicated with its cooperative partners from animal nutrition, human nutrition, essence and spice, bulk drug industries in terms of market quotation and tendency. The communication brought NHU closer to its clients and also provided both sides for an opportunity to learn from each other.

Development of the New Exhibition in 2019

In this exhibition, NHU not only brought methionine, vitamin series, moxifloxacin and other key products to new and old friends, but also showed our customers the achievements we had made in nutrition and API sectors in recent years. In addition, the company actively demonstrated the development of bio-fermentation plate, which was officially launched in 2018. The exhibition fully reflected the responsibility of NHU to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Towards the future

CPHI is a platform for NHU to meet with old and new friends caring for Pharmaceutical Industry, show the comprehensive nutritional and pharmaceutical solutions for the existing applications and to establish an international strategic industry benchmark. With spreading the company’s brand and products in order to enhance itself, create value, help clients and benefit the society, NHU will output more premium products and make its clients and itself grow better.

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