Hattiesburg Primary Care Clinic Offers Unlimited Healthcare At Low Monthly Cost

Hattiesburg, MS With the increasing health costs, even patients with insurance are having difficulty receiving the proper care they need. Today, an alternative payment model that allows doctors to charge their patient’s annual, quarterly, or monthly membership fees for most primary care services is now being offered. TruCare Health and Wellness is part of this model that looks into a more personalized way of providing quality and universal health care at a low monthly fee. Find out more about this Hattiesburg primary care clinic, its benefits, and how patients can get the coverage they need. 

As a Direct Primary Care Clinic, TrueCare extends the number of office visits and care. “We render personalized care for every member of the family. We make it a priority to offer same-day or next-day appointments.” As shared by Claudia W. on the clinic’s website, she “would highly recommend the company to friends and family.”

TruCare Health and Wellness is an option for employees who are looking for free or significantly reduced office visit charges. It allows them quick access due to the same-day and next-day visits, which means more swift treatment. This also decreases the number of sick days and productivity illnesses. Members of this Hattiesburg wellness center get to enjoy the convenience of technology via texting, emailing, or video chats when necessary. With TruCare, there’s no need to wait on callbacks from the medical provider for medical advice because direct access is provided 24/7.

Among the many reasons that a lot of people are turning to direct primary care is the opportunity to save them money. At TrueCare, a monthly fee is paid, which covers the doctor’s visits as well as all services that were given. The amount is the same every month regardless of the number of times a member visits a doctor, which means huge savings. Direct primary care model such as TruCare is fast becoming a go-to alternative for fighting the increasing healthcare expenses while still getting a high-quality level of care. Partnering with this Hattiesburg clinic that provides direct primary care can be extremely beneficial for everyone, especially for people who are in the wellness journey but want to cut the costs. 

For more information about the services offered by the clinic, they can be reached through email at [email protected] or speak with one of their healthcare consultants at 601-255-5425. Their office is located at  6798 US Highway 98 Suite #30, Hattiesburg, MS 39402.

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