FIRST allergy-free colorful Cookie dough debuts on Kickstarter

Coloridoh is the first-ever allergy-free colorful cookie dough which is devoid of the typical ingredients that can trigger food allergies and also infused with a fantastic variety of natural food colors.

No more missing out on delicious cookies because of menacing allergy issues. A California-based mom has recently launched a breakthrough allergy-free colorful cookie dough on Kickstarter that is safely edible even by those who suffer from food allergy. Titled “Coloridoh,” the product is a patent-pending playful cookie dough that can be made into any shape easily.

The first of its kind, Coloridoh is an allergen-free cookie dough relieved of all the food ingredients that may cause allergies, including- milk, egg, nuts, flour, and soybeans. The dough is infused with natural food coloring to make things more vibrant and playful- yet without compromising on the safety quotient.

In the words of Hitomi, a seasoned cooking instructor and the founder of Coloridoh, it all started with the bitter experiences of kids missing out on her homemade cookies –

“When I shifted to the US a few years back, I was excited to find multiple kids’ events around. As a cooking instructor and a mom of 4 kiddos, I always used to bring my homemade cookies and pastries for the kids to enjoy. But unfortunately, some kids could not eat those pastries and cookies due to their allergies. Many parents confided in me their interest in baking, but they could not since their kids are allergic to the typical ingredients that are usually used in cookies, like egg, milk, etc. That’s heartbreaking for a mom, and I was determined to find a viable solution. I even looked for gluten-free and vegan-free recipes, but even those too contain ingredients which may spark allergies. Such a crisis inspired me to come up with my very own allergen-free cookie dough which will be safe even for those with food allergies. Thus, ‘Coloridoh’ was born.”

Coloridoh is available in 6 variants – Plane, Cocoa, Green Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, Red Beet, and Blue Butterfly Pea.

Speaking further, Hitomi assured, Coloridoh is extremely easy to use and would be handy in teaching kids elementary baking lessons. Kids can play with it to give their favorite shape after which the dough can be baked in the oven to make crispy, crunchy delicious cookies.

“Coloridoh is a wonderful aide to enjoy quality times with your little ones. It’s effortless to use, which means you and your munchkin will be able to spend more time playing with it. You can mold the dough into any shape and then it will take just 10 minutes to bake it in the even to enjoy some amazing cookies.”

Every kid loves to enjoy cookies, and we cannot let silly woes like food allergens to stop them from having delicious fun. Presently, we are looking for a mass production for Coloridoh which calls for a robust financial backup. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support would enable us to bring Coloridoh for every kid out there.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Coloridoh cookie dough sets and Coloridoh kids’ aprons. 

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