Revolutionary “Energy” Tea Debuts on Indiegogo

Awake is a breakthrough functional tea which is comprised of tea, DHM, and GSM which helps prevent hangover successfully and infuse the body with fresh energy.

Forget those clumsy hangovers after a fun night. Also, forget those tasteless ineffective hangovers drinks to beat your morning-after hangovers. A dynamic NYC-based startup, Tiiable NYC, has recently launched a breakthrough “functional tea” which assures to eliminate all risks of hangover issues after a party night. Aptly titled as “Awake”, the drink is made from a premium & natural ingredients to help you start your day on a brighter note.

The campaign has already raised 450% of its funding goal. 

Made from high-quality ingredients, Awake works to bring changes from inside of your body for a better and revitalized daily life. Users can drink it before or after drinking to keep them safe from hangover issues despite alcohol consumption. The drink has met with immense success in its testing phase and has already commanded a line-up of fans.

Although the product is being dubbed as “tea”, yet it is something more than your regular tea. Added to the goodness of tea, Awake is also infused with DHM (hangover drink) and GSM – popularly known as the “King of Vitamins”. GSM or Glutathione is a premium antioxidant and is 100x more powerful than other vitamins out there. 

So, what makes “Awake” different and more effective than regular hangover drinks?

According to Mr. Lee, the CEO of Tiiable, Awake not only burns but also removes toxins from the liver which other hangover drinks can’t do. The DHM present in it helps to burn the toxins while Glutathione removes them out of the body to keep your liver safe. 

“Regular hangover drinks only contain DHM which can burn toxins in your liver (after you drink alcohol) but can’t remove them out from your body. And that doesn’t do any good to your body. It’s because toxins are harmful when present in your body- whether burnt or not burnt. This is where Awake comes to the rescue. It can not only burn the toxins but also eliminates them from your body successfully so that you can wake up all fresh the next day,” stated Mr. Lee.

Users can drink Awake at night and or day. The drink promises immense benefits whether consumed at night or in the day. 

Benefits of consuming at Night:

If you drink Awake at night, the beverage will prepare you for a better and more active tomorrow, thanks to these ingredients-

  • Hovenia Dulcis – Anti-alcohol intoxication medication that protects the liver from alcohol-related injuries.
  • Turmeric – It’s an anti-inflammatory ingredient which enhances liver function and also relieves pain.
  • L-Glutathione – It detoxes the liver and also treats a fatty liver.

 If you drink Awake in the day, the beverage will keep you refreshed, thanks to these ingredients-

  • Ginger – It reduces nausea and detoxes body.
  • Vitamin B – It helps to beat fatigue and works as a strong catalyst for Glutathione.
  • L-Asparagine – It beats fatigue and improves endurance.

“Awake will not only prevent hangover but also infuse a new lease of energy in your body. We are extremely particular about the quality of our product and hence we manufacture it in an aseptic certified and cleanroom environment. We have already received an overwhelming response in our testing phase, and now we are looking for mass production. And that calls for robust financial backup. Thus, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will make us bring our drink to life and assure a ‘better and brighter tomorrow’ for you.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Awake packages.

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