PhORM: Innovative All-In-One Construction Kit for Camera Debuts at Kickstarter

PhORM is a unique all-in-one construction kit for experimental camera rigging for smartphone and DSLR filming. It’s versatile, robust, durable, and a breeze to use.

Good news for shutterbugs struggling with creative camera rigging. A UK-based tech startup, Van Fett Industries, has recently launched a unique all-in-one construction kit for camera on Kickstarter that will help with creative camera rigging for smartphone and DSLR filming. Titled “PhORM,” the latest camera kit assures great versatility and allows camera professionals to build anything to suit any situation.

The acronym for “Photography and Form,” PhORM is designed to help build a rigging solution for just about any situation in photography and videography. The construction kit is CNC machined from 6082 grade Aluminium, and its anodized finish promises good looks and durability. 

Interestingly, the development of PhORM was inspired by the company’s struggles with camera rigging around its workshop. 

“We designed PhORM to solve our hassles with camera rigging in our workshop and soon realized that it could be functional and versatile for camera professionals like us in a similar situation. PhORM is easily adaptable and will help you to try out multiple creative rigging possibilities, whether you are into photography or videography,” stated Chris Heald from Van Fett Industries.

Speaking further, he stressed on several rigging possibilities feasible with PhORM:

• Camera Frames
• Dollies
• Compact Cages
• Adaptable sliders

PhORM is a user-centric construction kit which is designed to be highly user-friendly. It carries easy-to-assemble parts to ensure a fast setup for any creative rigging experiment. All the parts are precision machined to fit smoothly together, and the kit houses simple fasteners for convenient construction and rebuild. 

“One of the best bits of PhORM is that it that enables users to create both static and dynamic structures. Our bars are strategically designed to allow users to add motion components to a static structure (like a frame) to transform it into a dynamic form (such as slider) in a matter of minutes. For example, you can easily add wheels to a compact frame here to build a dolly.”

The PhORM construction kit comes in 3 variations –

• Compact – around 20 PhORMs
• Foundation – around 35 PhORMs
• Foundation Plus – around 55 PhORMs 

A basic PhORM construction kit houses –

• 180mm PhORM bars
• 90 Degree Bends
• PhORM Nuts
• PhORM Fasteners
• Magnetic Feet 3D printed grips

“We have equipped our innovative construction kit with the bare essential tools so that you can make the optimum use of all the tools featured here. We didn’t want to puzzle our users with multiple parts that only come to use rarely. We have spent around two years designing and developing PhORM, and it’s much more efficient, useful, and versatile than the existing products available in the market. We are a small team with the mission to bring premium quality yet affordable solutions in the market. At present, we are looking to source specialised tooling to kickstart PhORM production on a large scale. And that calls for robust financial backup. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring PhORM to the world and take photography & videography standards a notch higher.”

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