Bradshaw Ceramic Restoration Offers Antique Restoration and Conservation

Bradshaw Ceramic Restoration Offers Antique Restoration and Conservation

Newport, Essex – Bradshaw Ceramic Restoration is a porcelain restoration company offering both antique restoration and conservation. In doing so, the company is making preservation efforts more widely available. While conservation specialists tend to work for historic societies and national museums, Bradshaw Ceramic is helping general members of the public to restore family heirlooms, antique treasures, and ceramic fine art items.

The company has already restored numerous antiques to date, and a gallery of select items from their portfolio is available on their website at

Some notable items include delicate China with the Ming Xuande mark, which dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries of the Ming dynasty reign. They have restored dishware from the 19th century Edo period of Japan and ceramicware by Pablo Picasso. They also have restored contemporary pieces, such as the Red Bull figurines by artist Marc PIANO.

High-end restoration and conservation, which are often reserved for fine art institutions, are now accessible to Bradshaw Ceramic Restoration clientele. The company is a member of the Institute of Conservation (ICON) and has established a growing list of personal clients.

The restoration process can begin once a client contacts the company. Since each project is individually evaluated, the materials used varies. Before evaluation, customers are encouraged to provide as much information about their piece as possible.

If the project involves a cleaning, Bradshaw will start with a surface cleaner. These use non-damaging ingredients to remove old stains, paint, oil, glues, and cold glazes.

After cleaning, the team will re-paint and re-glaze the piece. Powder pigments, mixed with epoxy resin and hardener, allow for detailed restoration work that will not harm the original paint.

Some projects require more work when they have broken or missing pieces. As restoration specialists, the professionals at Bradshaw can repair these items. Although restoration can detract from the value of an item, the work of sympathetic craftsmanship cannot be understated for those who wish to display and preserve the item for sentimental and aesthetic value. 

There is also a China restoration specialist at the Bradshaw Ceramic who is equipped to repair even the most difficult China. China is a type of delicate porcelain that requires expert attention due to the bone powder material and the soft glaze. The Bradshaw specialist is trained to repair China from various eras.

Since 1994, the studio has ben a leader for antique repair and conservation. Their goal is to restore fine art objects so all of their customers can cherish and preserve their unique items.

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