Pond Safety Leads Improving Pond Safety and Sustainability in Nottinghamshire

Pond Safety Leads Improving Pond Safety and Sustainability in Nottinghamshire

Huthwaite, UK – Pond Safety Ltd is at the forefront of improving pond safety and sustainability in the United Kingdom. As the popularity of ponds in personal gardens, public landscaping, and landmarks continues to grow in the region, the company is offering innovative solutions that not only minimise risk of injury or drowning, but also support wildlife.

Earlier this year, the Royal Horticultural Society and the Wildlife Trust urged homeowners across the UK to ‘bring back the pond’. This garden feature is considered to sustain and support wildlife as a source of natural water and shade for all creatures. However they also bring safety hazards. Ponds are easy to trip over, sending small children and animals into open water.

To resolve this growing issue, Pond Safety Ltd has created Diamondeck pond covers, available at https://pondsafety.com/. These metal covers protect people from falling into the water. They are safe for not only humans but also the animals and plants inhabiting the area. They present no harm to fish and other creatures within the pond.

The Diamondeck metal pond covers can be placed above or below the water’s surface. When placed below the surface, the covers are nearly invisible. If a full-grown adult were to fall into the pond, the cover would hold and prevent them from drowning.

More importantly, the covers prevent a child from drowning. As shown in footage from CCTV that the company posted to its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Pond-Safety-Ltd-447444025289830/), children can too easily slip and fall into open bodies of water, but a cover can reduce the hazards. As a result, this safety feature is a popular choice for public spaces such as malls, parks, and outdoor shopping centres.

These covers have become a popular solution for homeowners and businesses throughout the region, so much so that the covers have been installed in over 12,000 ponds across the UK. Pond Safety Ltd has been featured on a variety of television shows such as BBC’s Blue Peter Show. At The Hampton Court Palace Show, they were presented with The Silver Medal Award from the Royal Horticultural Society.

With a rise in average homeowners seeking to do their part in improving wildlife, metal covers present a small but significant solution to safety and sustainability. Leading the way in these endeavours, Pond Safety continues to seek viable and innovative solutions to improve the lives of many.

Those interested in a pond cover from Pond Safety Ltd can browse the company’s website or visit their collection in-person at https://goo.gl/maps/QNFz5wArAsr.

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