CRYT BlockChain “decentralizing the future” with their innovative crypto ecosystem

Innovative blockchain-based project, CRYT BlockChain, looking to bring the true benefits of blockchain technology to the world with the launch of their ecosystem

CRYT BlockChain is an amazing blockchain-driven platform that has continued in its pursuit of “dencentralizing the future” by basically bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the millions of digital currency enthusiasts across the globe. CRYT is a Proof-of-Stake Blockchain based on NXT Java with several features that help it stand out from the pack in the digital currency space.

The core functions of the CRYT ecosystem include the CRYT asset system that allows users to create their own proprietary asset projects and conduct secure, fast peer-to-peer transactions or asset project dividends on the system’s built-in CRYT asset exchange. There is also the CRYT currency system allows users to create and trade their custom currency. One of the major distinguishing features of CRYT Block is the Voting System that portrays “a real decentralized community,” allowing a group of users/assets/currency to vote or trade. Other functions of the CRYT Blockchain are the CRYT Coin Shuffle, CRYT alias, CRYT Account System, CRYT market, and a built-in messaging feature that adds message encryption/permanent messages during the transaction.

The recently launched Web Wallet from the CRYT project is another amazing feat achieved by the ecosystem. The CRYT WebWallet, full blockchain software online is a CRYT-Blockchain can be available for all with any Browser and Device, allowing users of the platform and holders of CRYT to safely hold their currency. There is also the free CRYT Faucet, which was officially launched in July, 2019, in line with the project’s goal of revolutionizing the Blockchain technology.

More information about the CRYT ecosystem and future projects as well as how to purchase the CRYT coin can be found on the website.

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