The ANB Hangzhou Summit has been successfully concluded and will soon create a new era of digital economy!

Launched by Alpha Number Inc, the ANB project is the first to create a global digital asset matching trading terminal based on blockchain technology. BiKI Exchange is a global digital currency trading service provider. With a strong technical team and operations team, the platform is committed to creating the safest, most stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for users around the world.

ANB has six advantages:

· Multi-currency management: Manage all high-quality currencies in the world, support all ERC20-TOKEN, cross-chain support BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, ETC, BCH, DASH, QTUM, ERC20, BCX, XRP and other global circulation Type of certificate.

· Good and bad currency detection: The world’s first use of AI and cloud data technology to continuously monitor the research and development status and operational status of various cryptocurrencies, and achieve security screening of cryptocurrencies.

· Engine Matching Transaction: Using distributed trading to improve traditional matching transactions, improve the security of transaction records and increase the difficulty for dealers to manipulate trading disks.

· Market fever: After receiving the online news, it has received the attention of major media and investment institutions around the world. After the launch, the domestic super-community has joined the ANB in ​​the community, the Vulcan community and the Longteng community. In China, Shandong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have agent operation centers.

· Institutional advantages: original counter-feeding linkage, static monthly income, renewal income, sharing income, team income, all means of income; and set up a fire plan to stimulate the market.

· Logical advantage: Optimize the token system through garbage coin detection, build a digital asset matching transaction terminal, realize ANB closed loop circulation, promote the growth of ANB value, and finally promote the blockchain technology service entity to form a larger ANB ecosystem.

On August 5th, Beijing time, the first ANB International Digital Economy Summit ended successfully in Hangzhou. ANB community leaders and summit guests from all over the world gathered at the Ouya Mei Hotel in Hangzhou to discuss the new round of digital economy development.

The summit discussed in depth the ten-year changes in the blockchain industry, the true value of cryptocurrencies, and how companies rapidly emerged in the blockchain era. It is reported that ANB is initiated by Alpha Number Inc. of the United States, the world’s first platform to detect various digital currencies. ANB is committed to creating a new digital asset matching trading terminal for users.

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