Cardone Capital Attracts Investors with Exclusive Multifamily Real Estate Investments

Cardone Capital Attracts Investors with Exclusive Multifamily Real Estate Investments
With 2,800 investors on its books, Cardone Capital continues to expand by means of innovative marketing methods and great investment opportunities.

Aventura, Florida – When it comes to real estate investing, Cardone Capital appears to be the number one choice for investors, according to recently released figures. The private-equity real estate firm is on a mission to identify, acquire and manage income-producing properties in highly desirable locations, and as such, is attracting a great deal of attention from both accredited and non-accredited investors.

Founder/CEO Grant Cardone firmly believes that real estate is the best way to grow wealth and that multifamily investments are the ideal choice. He points to the fact that millions of baby boomers are in the process of retiring, and that many apartment complexes are being converted to retirement communities.

“Real estate is a far superior investment compared to the stock market,” Cardone explains. “When you invest in a multifamily deal, you start getting a passive income almost immediately. The property will continue to make money every month from the tenants’ rents, resulting in huge profits for you. It’s the easiest way by far to get rich!”

Cardone adds that it’s not necessary to struggle to put together a large down payment.

“I’d be happy to partner with you in smaller amounts to get you started!”   

Vice President Ryan Tseko adds that Cardone Capital paid out $1.3 million in cash distributions to its investors in July alone.

“Our popularity is not in the least bit surprising when you find out what we have to offer,” says Tseko. “Multifamily investing will give you the highest returns on your investment, plus we have some spectacular properties in our portfolio.”

The rapid expansion that the firm is experiencing is no doubt due in part to the implementation of innovative marketing techniques.

“We’re certainly getting the word out,” says Chief Marketing Officer Brian H. Robb, MBA, MSc.  “We have a five-year plan in effect which will see the company expand tenfold.  It’s a very exciting time for Cardone Capital and its clients!”

About Cardone Capital

Renowned real estate investment firm Cardone Capital has a portfolio of over 5,539 units valued at $1.2 billion in real estate holdings in eight states including California, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. The company is pleased to offer non-accredited fund opportunities to everyday investors, and is planning a huge expansion of its portfolio over the next five years.

Operating on a “first come, first served” basis, Fund V will close at the end of August, as it is already oversubscribed.

Founder/CEO Grant Cardone

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