ILA International announces new head of their Wealth Management Division

ILA international have recently made the announcement that their existing Head of Wealth Management is standing down after 45 years in the finance industry. Gregory Kingston who has lead the team for the past ten years, announced his departure at a meeting with senior staff members earlier last month according to a spokesperson. Stepping up to take charge of the Wealth Management division is none other than Mr. Kingston’s second in command Ryan Xiao, who has been by Mr. Kingston’s side for the last eight years, and has over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector.

A statement released by an ILA International spokesperson on Tuesday confirmed the news “We are of course sad to see Mr. Kingston retiring from his position, and are very grateful for the time he has spent working alongside us. Over the years the Mr. Kingston has been vital part of our team and has implemented many positive changes that have been beneficial to us as a company. Moving forward we are confident that we have made the right decision in promoting Mr. Xiao as he has his own ideas, and has been a great support to Mr. Kingston over the years they have worked together. We are confident that over the next few months as Mr. Xiao settles into his position that he will bring even more beneficial changes to the division.”

In his new role Mr. Xiao will be have a host of new responsibilities, including but not limited to leading the team of Wealth Managers, as well as being the focal point of communication between the Wealth Management division and the other divisions at ILA International. In addition to this change in Management structure, the company also announced the addition of another Client Services Manager who will work closely with the existing Client Services team. “With the constant expansion of our services, and our continuously growing clientele, we felt the need to expand the size of the team who are there to ensure our clients satisfaction. With that in mind we have already begun the expansion of our team with the appointment of a new Client Service Manager, David Xu, who in turn will be there to make sure that each of our clients have access to the best possible service while working with ILA International.” A spokesperson said on Friday.

Francis Laurent – ILA International

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