UsableNet Outlines 5 Ways Retailers Can Increase Sales Through ADA Web Accessibility

New York, NY UsableNet, a leading provider of Accessibility Technology and Services has published advice to retailers on how to use web accessibility as a driving force for increasing easy-of-use and sales.

While it’s generally accepted that web accessibility is a legal necessity and moral imperative, it’s also an enormous economic opportunity. Some estimate that the global market of people with disabilities is approaching 1.3 billion, the majority of whom are Baby Boomers — currently the wealthiest generation.

In a this recent post:

UsableNet outline the five ways tending to digital accessibility will help retailers bottom line.

One area highlighted is:


Your accessible online store also optimized to attract new ones. Search engines love good structure, and when your information is properly labeled and images are paired with accurate descriptions, they will bump your results up accordingly.

Achieving this ideal structure requires asking some basic questions:

• Do customers need a login to access your site? Are the password requirements laborious and counterintuitive?

• Is your cart user-friendly? How easy is it to update quantities or take out items?

• Are forms programmed correctly, or do they require frustrating combinations of keystrokes or screen reader interactions?

• Does your site make users retype payment and shipping addresses, even when they’re the same?

• When customers get an error message, is it easily understandable? Does it stop the sale? Do they have to start all over again?

For many retailers it is time to get started with accessibility before the holiday season.

A comprehensive accessibility plan can put your company on the path to increased sales, connections with valuable new customers, and a streamlined digital experience. Learn more in our guide to web and app accessibility.

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