feisou ginger flavored shampoo has been the new pet of people suffering hair loss

Hair loss is a normal metabolism. Everyone in life will lose hair. Hair loss is classified into several levels according to the severity and the form of hair loss. The medical field generally classifies the hair loss into seven levels. People at level 1 and level 2 have mild hair loss, those at level 3 and level 4 have severe hair loss, and people who lose hair worse than fourth degree are of baldness.

According to the world’s survey data, about 290 million people worldwide are bald, and the global average bald rate is 32.13%. Europe has the highest rate of baldness: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Spain are all countries with high bald rates.

The average number of lost hair per day for normal people is around 40-100, which means a normal metabolism. If the amount exceeds this range and the hair is significantly thinner than before, it means people are suffering the pathological alopecia. There are many factors of pathological alopecia, congenital or hereditary factors, as well as acquired factors. Acquired factors are the most common cause of hair loss. People often suffer from hair loss due to excessive mental stress, acute and chronic infectious diseases, various skin diseases, endocrine disorders, and nutritional factors.

People suffering pathological alopecia are always with greasy and flaky scalps and withered hair. Male hair loss often start at the temples and on the crown of the head, which causes the hair on the two areas to become thin, withered and soft, and even finally makes the top of the head bald. Female hair loss generally begins at the top of the head, and the hair on this area will become thinning but won’t completely fall off.

Pathological alopecia caused by acquired factors should be cared by internal and external conditioning. Hair is closely related to liver and kidney. The body with deficiency of the liver and kidney can not supply sufficient nutrients to hair follicles, thus which may become atrophic and necrotic and cause white hair or even hair loss.

Therefore, people who want to get a fuller and thicker hair need to nourish the liver and kidney first. Liver and gallbladder at 11pm-3am are the most active, and this is the time they detoxify the blood. People should try to avoid activities during this time and get a good sleep, and they can also eat more grain crops such as glutinous rice, black kerneled rice, sorghum or millet. Light food can also reduce gastrointestinal burden and improve the utilization of nutrients in food.

Besides, people should also pay attention to details of life for preventing hair loss. For example, they may use a comb that doesn’t generate static that will stimulate the scalp. It is perfect to using a horn comb or a wooden comb that can massage the scalp and help promote the blood circulation. In addition, people are supposed to choose a good shampoo instead of the one degreases the scalp excessively, which will hurt the scalp and make hair become dry.

feisou ginger flavored shampoo is weakly acidic, with a pH value of about 5.5, which fits the scalp growth environment. The shampoo is mild and non-irritating, containing high-quality plant essential oil, not adding extra chemical ingredients such as essence, pigment or thickener like sodium chloride. Natural ginger root oil has been applied for helping promote hair growth and improve scalp condition. Nicotinamide has been added to promote blood circulation in the scalp, effectively preventing hair thinning and hair loss.

To prevent hair loss and prevent more hair from falling out, internal and external conditioning are crucial.

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