Longsys and YEESTOR Established Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, Promoting the Development of Chinese Storage Ecosystem

Recently, China leading technology-driven storage brand, Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longsys”), officially entered into a comprehensive strategic partnership with storage controller design company YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “YEESTOR”). The two parties leveraged the collaboration in the whole product line as an opportunity to enhance their partnership. Through sharing resources and combining complementary advantages, the two parties proactively participate in the storage ecosystem in China and promote its development by exploring customized controller designing and increasing product quality.

Share Resources and Combine Complementary Advantages to Create Benchmarking Products in the Industry

Since 2007, Longsys and YEESTOR (formerly SiliconGo Microelectronics, Inc.), has already collaborated in USB flash drive and memory card business, and this collaboration has gradually expanded to various vertical segments such as embedded storage and SATA SSD. Over the 12 years of collaboration, DM controller has gained a considerable brand reputation among Longsys customers, during which period Longsys has developed first China embedded module, and YEESTOR the first China eMMC controller for mass production.

Years of collaboration set a solid foundation for mutual trust and profound understanding between each other. This comprehensive strategic partnership will bring the advantages of both parties into full play and bring out greater potential in collaboration.

YEESTOR has holistic and integral controller solutions, and its product line covers a whole range from consumer to enterprise grade products (PCIe/SATA/eMMC/UFS/UFD/SD/SPI NAND/security storage controller). Its embedded controller can function between a wide temperature range from -40℃ to 125℃. This flexible one-stop service mode can perfect meet Longsys’s need for product development and shorten its lead time. In the future, YEESTOR will continue to provide Longsys with highly-competitive products and solutions. As the strategic vendor (partner) of Longsys, YEESTOR has standardized and regulated the collaboration through various forms including framework agreements, strategic project collaborations, and key direction supports to promote smooth development of this partnership and ensure its expectations.  

After launching multiple 1TB products across its whole product line in 2018, Longsys has further focused its effort in market analysis and insight and accelerated the R&D of storage products on industrial and automotive grade as well as the customization of SD card software. By far, Longsys has launched automotive grade product eMMC, providing more detailed service to industry market. In the future, Longsys will fine tune its product position in order to meet all types of market need by further combining its advanced notion in product design and YEESTOR’s competency in chip design together. Besides, the two parties will enhance their collaboration in UFS and PCIe SSD application to create full-range, high-performance, and highly-reliable storage products on industrial, automotive and enterprise grade, gradually developing iconic products with outstanding quality and performance above average level.

YEESTOR  China’s Leading Storage Controller Company

YEESTOR(YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd)is a leading company in China specializing in storage controller design of China. It was formed with the merger of SiliconGo (founded in 2007) and Auspitek (founded in 2015). Its investors include industry tycoons such as Walden International, Longsys, GigaDevice, China Fortune-Tech Capital, Tsinghua Holdings, SDIC Unity Capital, TCL, Techtronics, Transsion Holdings, etc. YEESTOR is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in Taiwan Hsinchu, Hong Kong, and Hefei, and with more than 200 employees among whom over 80% are dedicated to R&D.

YEESTOR focuses on consumer and enterprise solid state storage controller design and service, holding multiple key industry technologies as well as national and international core patents. YEESTOR masters the design process of storage controller, and keeps making breakthroughs in product definition, technology integration, framework innovation, and firmware support. In 2019, YEESTOR has accomplished its global deployment from consumer grade across to enterprise grade, with full-range products covering entry grade, high-end consumer grade, all the way to enterprise grade solid state disk. Through continuous technical innovation, professional technical support, and one-stop service, YEESTOR accompanies its clients throughout the service journey from Assembly, Production to Quality Control, shortening the design time, increasing resource usage efficiency, and creating a more reliable storage system.

Longsys – China’s Technology-driven Storage Company

Founded in 1999,Longsys was initiated with MASK ROM business. Through technical innovation and product differentiation, the company has made its way in storage development. With its featured DMS (Design, Module, Service) service system, Longsys provides clients with cost-effective customized storage products and solutions in the rage of design, chips, software, and packaging, helping clients increase its product value and gain its competitive edge through differentiation.

In 2011, Longsys launched FORESEE – an embedded storage brand dedicated to industry application – eMMC, and SSD storage product, marking the beginning of its branding operation deployment. In 2017, Longsys acquired Lexar as its wholly owned subsidiary, which is the landmark of Longsys’s transformation from a technical product corporation to a technical brand corporation. In 2018, with 1TB eUFS, 1TB PCIe BGA SSD, and 1TB Micro SD card making world debut, FORESEE and Lexar led industrial and high-end consumer grade market into TB era. In the same year, Longsys officially established Automobile Electronics Department to further improve product storage quality and fully meet the criteria of automotive and industrial grade products, serving high-end industry market.

In 2019, the first phase of Longsys Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park, which was positioned as the storage engineers park, was completed. The world’s first storage history museum and Lexar quality laboratory were established in the park to meet increasing product and brand needs in technology, service, and quality.

Win-win Through Open Cooperation, Develop Chinese Storage Ecosystem Together


On this comprehensive strategic partnership and expectation for the future, Longsys’s spokesperson expressed that, Longsys had the honor of witnessing the rapid development of NAND flash over the last 20 years, during which Longsys has devoted its effort to storage technology development and adapted itself with the market change, which has laid down a solid foundation for the process of its brand operation and international competition.

YEESTOR’s controller R&D capability and one-stop service mode match perfectly with Longsys’s demand in storage product design. With a collaboration for over 12 years, Longsys and YEESTOR have now established this comprehensive strategic partnership, which not only will further their collaboration into more vertical segments, but also make YEESTOR’s underlying capability available to its partners. In this way, YEESTOR is able to build an open ecosystem together with enterprise grade clients, build close cooperation among industry chains, and promote the upgrading of the storage system and the development of the storage ecosystem.

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