Beijing Oriental Yuhong Has Entered The Canadian Market & High-quality Waterproof System Assists Quality Housing

Oriental Yuhong, as a building materials system service provider, has entered the Canadian market strongly this year, and its professional ability is highly praised by the local market. Oriental Yuhong’s HDPE waterproof membrane was successfully applied in the high-end FOSTER MARTIN real estate project in Vancouver in the middle of July 2019, where high-quality waterproof system assisted quality housing. 

Vancouver, Canada, has been rated as a global livable city by United Nations Human Settlements Programme for many years, making it favored by overseas immigrants. With the continuous increase of overseas immigrants, local real estate continues to rise, which not only puts forward the demand for the quantity of houses, but also high requirements for the quality. As the first protection of buildings, waterproofing has become one of the important basis reference of housing quality for many real estate projects.


FOSTER MARTIN, the high-end real estate project built by Landmark Premiere Properties has 334 wave-shaped high-rise apartments. This project located in the core area of Vancouver’s White Rock Town is only 3 blocks away from the famous resort of White Rock Beach and has unique sea view. Because local weather is humid and adjacent to the beach, it needs the extreme caution to be taken in the choice of underground waterproofing. The waterproof subcontractor referred to the characteristics and case analysis of various materials, and after multiple verification by the application department, they selected Oriental Yuhong PMH3040 HDPE self-adhesive waterproof membrane to be applied in all the underground areas of the 6600-square-meter apartment.


Oriental Yuhong PMH3040 HDPE self-adhesive waterproof membrane is composed of HMTPE (High modulus thermoplastic polyethylene), composite adhesives film and anti-environmental change elastic coating film. This membrane has strong chemical corrosion resistance, good resistance to alkali water from concrete, no biological damage, anti-mildew. More importantly, the simple and rapid construction method saves a lot of time for the construction party and greatly reduces labor costs. In addition, the clean and tidy appearance of products and the use of high-quality raw materials meet the needs of local energy conservation and environmental protection.

It is reported that with the successful application of Oriental Yuhong’s HDPE waterproof membrane, it will definitely gain the favor of more customers in the Canadian market in the future, and build quality housing together with local developers. Oriental Yuhong insists on providing the world with high-quality and non-differentiated building materials system services. It has contributed to the construction of more and more overseas projects such as Singapore Mass Rapid Transport, Mombasa Nairobi Railway and Malaysian Forest Park, and won the recognition and respect from overseas customers.

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