Louis Balletta’s Apple Podcast, D-UP! Provides Juiciest NBA Storylines

Apple Podcast D-UP! by Louis Balletta is the go-to resource for all the latest gossip and rumors.

New York, NY – Entrepreneur, actor, and TV host Louis Balletta is passionate about the goings-on within the NBA. He also has a lot of inside information to share about what’s happening behind the scenes. Not surprisingly, his highly entertaining podcast, D-UP! is getting a great deal of attention, as thousands of fans sign up to listen to the inside scoop.

“I can’t reveal the source of all my secrets, but believe me when I say I have my ear to the ground, and promise to let you in on all the drama,” says Balletta.

And drama there is, from analysis of the games to player trades and signings, D-UP! is all fans need to stay current. And according to Balletta, the off-season can be as exciting as game time itself when it comes to surprises.

“This off-season promised to be the most exciting in NBA history, and it was,” adds Balletta. “What with the surprise of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard teaming up, to the Lakers’ well anticipated signing of Anthony Davis, there’s a lot to talk about! Of course, there’s the continual debate about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan, and we certainly have to consider the question of whether the Warriors dynasty is dead.”

Balletta anticipates that when the new season finally starts it will be one of the most exciting seasons in the history of the league.

“There are no front runners. We’ll be watching young talent like Zion Williamson and so many others like him. So be sure to tune in so you’re up to date and ahead of the game well before the season starts!”

Balletta was exclusively covering the New York Knicks on La Calle TV for the last couple of years, but has now expanded his coverage to all of the teams in the NBA after signing up with ReVolver podcasts.

Tune in to “D-Up!” podcast with Louis Balletta on Apple Podcasts. Or for more information, visit Instagram and Facebook.

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