Evolve III’s ASTRO 4K Indiegogo campaign hits over 750% of funding goal

Fundraising campaign for ASTRO 4K, an innovative wireless touchscreen monitor, surpasses the funding goal with more than 750% raised.

Evolve III looks set to achieve its goal of setting a new standard for wireless touchscreen monitors as the Indiegogo campaign for the company’s latest project, the Astro 4K Monitor exceeds the funding goal, weeks before the deadline. Evolve III was able to raise over 750% of the $20,000 Flexible Goal with more than 290 backers, ensuring that users see the world more clearly.

Evolve III has continued in the pursuit of its goal of providing the ultimate user experience for its customers across the globe develop evolutionary electronic devices for the private and public sector using customised hardware with the introduction of the ASTRO 4K. The wireless touchscreen monitor comes with amazing features that stand it out from the pack, helping users get more from the use of their screens as they watch videos, stay in touch with friends, and read up on the latest news. The “amazingness” of the device has been reiterated with the ongoing “ASTRO 4K – Not All Monitors are Created Equal” campaign.

The monitor is particularly unique as it wirelessly connects to all devices, including laptops and notebooks, extending the workspace and saving users the stress and clumsiness associated with having cables all around the room. ASTRO 4K is compatible with a wide range of devices such as smart mobile devices and gaming devices likes XBOX One and Nintendo Switch using HDMI.

ASTRO 4K is available in 13.3″ and 15.6″ screen size with built-in speakers, 10,000mAh Battery, and Wireless connection via WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The 4K UHD, 10 point touchscreen monitor supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), producing achieves lifelike images and preserving precise details in lighting variations and gradations for realistically bright or dark pictures without subtle detail loss.

The lightweight monitor is built with a protective case and stand, the Astro 4K Monitor is resistant to scratches, dust, and invasive particles and is available with a sleek leather case for easy carriage.

The raised fund will cover all the start-up costs as the company pushes the cutting-edge monitor through the final development stages and out into people’s homes and offices. Backers of the campaign will get a significant discount plus bigger discounts for multiple-unit orders as the device becomes available officially in November 2019.

More information about ASTRO 4K and other projects from Evolve III can be found on their website and Facebook.

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