K-POP Fans Launch Time Square Ads In Hopes of By9’s Successful Debut

Now, the advertisement appearing in the world-famous Times Square in New York has caught many people’s attention. As far as we know, this incredible advertisement is founded by BY9 fans from China and South Korea. What makes people shocked is that BY9 (be your nine) is not a formal idol group but a “phantom”group which even hasn’t debuted yet. What makes it meaningful is that BY9 is a fan-imagined idol group composed with 9 charming and handsome boys, who have not debuted in the survival program “ProduceX101”and are ranked from 12-20. 

It is well-known that this fan-made imaginary group contains powerful main vocals and professional dancers, and each member of BY9 has their own personal magnetism. When they participated in the “ProduceX101”from TV channel Mnet, all the nine members had received extremely high attention on their concept stages and position stages. Because of their fabulous performance during competition, BY9 members have also gained high national popularity and the number of their followers has raised rapidly.

After the program “ProduceX101” ended, fans from Korea and abroad felt pity for the result. Thus, they orderly planned the debut concept, propaganda program and supporting color of this imaginary group within a few days.  At the same time, fans from all over the world are banned together and quickly set up Fan Unions. The fan group is now expanding at an incredible speed. Such trend attracts firms to support the debut of BY9 group, no matter in terms of public opinion or fan support. Nowadays, the popularity of this imaginary group plan remains high and related words of BY9 frequently appear in hot search charts of social platforms and news websites like Naver and Twitter. It not only shows strong cohesion and will of the fans, but also reveals the group’s great potential for success.

The nine members have distinct positions in this imaginary group, and it is believed that they will have good chemistry together in activities. Thus, fans from all over the world eagerly expect this whole group to perform on the stage. They have even attracted the attention of some Korean composers. For example, the composer of “Monday To Sunday” has answered in Instagram that “If BY9 group could debut, I look forward to the cooperation with them.”

Those nine teenagers deserve better future and we sincerely hope the BY9 project can eventually be successful. Even though we cannot confirm that BY9 project can be realized, we believe that the nine boys from BY9 have felt the love and blessings from the fans.

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